Cute Lockable Pecker Gag
Cute Lockable Pecker Gag
Cute Lockable Pecker Gag
Cute Lockable Pecker Gag
Cute Lockable Pecker Gag
Cute Lockable Pecker Gag
Cute Lockable Pecker Gag

Playing with your usual mouth is good, but lately, you feel like the toy has lost its touch. The need to find a new mouth accessory has come, and you know it. Your partner has been uninterested, and you know why.

Stop the delay, and make sure you keep him entertained! Let the Cute Lockable Pecker Gag take the reigns and watch as the sparkle returns to your playtime.

These lovely yet straightforward pieces are all made for the wild sex you have always planned. The belts are made of high-quality PU leather, a soft textured material that feels comfortable on the mouth as you enjoy the tugs and pulls of rough sex. Leather looks stunning and sleek so that aesthetics won't be your issue.

Meanwhile, the kinky dildo, placed at the center of the mouth gag, is a delightful highlight for a new kind of gag play. Unlike the usual mouth guard or ring at the middle, a dildo will give you so many options and new sexual positions to explore. You can even choose among three exciting colors for your taste.

Your sub will salivate and make the dildo wet for your pleasure. Enjoy an explosion of satisfaction as you hear her muffled screams while you give her due punishment for being a naughty girl.

As you enjoy the experience, don't forget to take breaks in between your sessions. Mouth gags can be a bit harsh on the mouth's sensitive areas and can cause ugly bruising. That is why 15 minutes is a reasonable time allowance for safety purposes. But you can apply lip moisturizers around the lips to prevent dry cuts during rough moments.

The time to upgrade is now! Let the Cute Lockable Pecker Gag be your guide to a new wave of sex encounters to keep you on your toes!

Color Strap - Black
Dildo Gag - Black, Pink, Red
Material Strap - PU leather
Dildo Gag - Silicone
Dimension Length:
Dildo Gag - 2.28 inches (5.8 cm)
Strap – 25.2 inches (64 cm)
Width/Diameter: Dildo Gag – 2.2 inches (5.6 cm)


Cute Lockable Pecker Gag

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