Comfy Black Spandex Hood
Comfy Black Spandex Hood
Comfy Black Spandex Hood
Comfy Black Spandex Hood

Who says BDSM is just about inflicting pain to your slave? This hood will prove you otherwise! The Comfy Black Spandex Hood is one of the comfortable BDSM hoods on the market. It may not deprive your sub’s senses, but it makes her hot as hell.

Put it on her head and tell her to wear a tight catsuit—and bam! You’ll get a chance to fuck one of the feistiest yet hottest DC characters: Catwoman.

Is your submissive partner a guy? Don’t worry; it will fit on him perfectly, too! Put this mask on his head and strip his clothes off—and presto! You now have a racy slave that’s ready to follow your commands.

Tell him to dance and shake his butt like how Magic Mike does it. If he disobeys you, give him a punishment that he won’t forget! Tie his limbs to the bedposts or put him on a restraint. To level up the play, you can gag him to prevent him from uttering a word as you spank him. If that’s not enough, lock his cock and tease him until he drips. It’s all up to you how you want to incorporate this sexy mask into your bedroom play.

This erotic mask makes use of patent leather and spandex—two materials oozing with sex appeal. These pieces of fabric can turn your man or your lady into a hot and sexy slave. Furthermore, it sparks up your sex life as it stimulates your wild and wicked imagination. Indeed, this kinky accessory is all you need to level up your bedtime games.

Like any other erotic gear and apparel, this mask needs to be cared for and cleaned. Be sure to wash it after each use and store it away from dust, direct heat, moisture, and of course, prying eyes.

BDSM has never been as fun and as comfortable as this when you have this Comfy Black Spandex Hood in your closet. Grab yours now!


Color Black
Material Patent Leather
Dimension Length: 11.4 inches
Width: 11 inches


Comfy Black Spandex Hood

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