Beginner Perfect Gimp Mask

Beginner Perfect Gimp Mask

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Of all the BDSM accessories, a gimp mask would probably be the last thing you and your partner would want to try. But actually, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Without seeing the bottom’s head, a dominant like you can finally give the depersonalized play a go. With the mask on, it would be easy for a submissive to relinquish self-control. And when this happens, you know you will get all your desired sensations during the role-play.

So come on and try it. You are missing half of your BDSM journey without using one. For newbie couples in using bondage hood, this Beginner Perfect Gimp Mask is indeed the best one for you.

This full head mask that comes in pink will be your next favorite accessory. It is made of PU leather, a material that is soft and smooth on the skin. It also has a zipper at the backside targeting effortless wearing and quick release. To ensure the wearer’s air source, you will find two small metal eyelets explicitly for the nostrils. This mask is designed with all the curves that follow the shape of the head. It is not too tight nor too loose to make the wearer experience uneasiness.

For proper wearing, make sure to avoid entangling your bottom’s hair on the zipper. It would be hard to unzip when there are obstructing strands of hair. Make sure to place the holes exactly where the wearer’s nostrils are to prevent asphyxia. It would help to ask your bottom’s limitations. Discuss both verbal and nonverbal signals to use in case your submissive has reached her boundaries. Always put safety as your topmost priority.

Once worn, your sub’s hoarse breathing pattern will instantly give you pleasure. The sweet agony your partner is experiencing is enough to fill up your dominant ego. Ask her to do everything that will satisfy you. Since you have complete control over her body, commanding her would be easy.

So, step up your game and try depersonalized play. Add this mask to your cart today!


Color Pink
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: Adjustable