Stainless Anal Toy Speculum

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Okay...okay...we know what you're thinking...what is this even doing here? That is actually a very good question, but you shouldn't be alarmed. In fact, speculums have been around for decades with history dating until the ancient Greeks and Romans! So no, they're not as modern as you think.

It's also important to note that speculums are not "just" for medical purposes. Over the years, they have been also considered as a vital tool for BDSM. Owning a speculum for bedroom fun does not make you a pervert...unless you want to.

Our Stainless Anal Toy Speculum is actually much like the speculums that you see over the Internet or even your gynecologist speculum. Similarly, ours is made from high-quality stainless steel that's lead-free, non-toxic and rust-free. Hence, this device is safe to be inserted into your body.
There are two sizes available: the short and long variants. These products can widen your anus for a better view of the inside, with gaps reaching as high as 4.13 inches!

The question is - how do you use our Stainless Anal Speculum? It's simple, really. You insert a speculum the same way you insert a stainless steel butt plug. Make sure to coat an ample amount of lubricant on the speculum's blades. Insert the blades gently then slowly but surely widen the blades, and you've got a view that will remain imprinted into your mind for days!

Plus, it opens a whole lot of other possibilities that you can role play with your partner using this speculum. You can be a patient and be submissive to make sure you follow the doctor's orders. Or you can also use it to train your anal for fisting. The possibilities are endless with our Stainless Anal Toy Speculum!

Color Silver
Type Speculum
Material Stainless Steel


handle: N/A

plug: N/A


handle: N/A


Short: 4.1 inches

Long: 5.7 inches