Anal Toys for Beginners

Anal sex is like your wedding anniversary. It’s fun, it doesn’t happen very often, and if you don’t do enough preparation, it will end in tears.

As you know, no matter how liberated you think today’s world is, anal penetration is still not widely talked about in the open. We can’t say precisely why this is the case. But those who engage in this activity keep mum about it either because they are worried about what people will say about them, or anal sex is so good; they want to keep all the details to themselves and not spoil the fun.

A common misconception about playing with your ass is that it’s painful. Thus, most people tend to steer away from that direction. But the truth is it’s just like flossing. If it bleeds, then you’re not doing it often enough. Whatever wrong connotation you have regarding anal stimulation, we’re here to change that. Browse through Lovegasm’s collection of Anal Toys for Beginners!

This selection mostly features silicone butt plugs and dildos, mainly because silicone is an ideal sex toy material a beginner should consider buying. It’s soft and supple, so insertion is always comfortable. Aside from being flexible, silicone is also known for being non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and odorless. Its durability is also something you should take into consideration. It does not break easily, no matter how hard you bend it.

Our beginner collection comes in different forms, colors, and sizes. Some of them have an enlarged head and bent tip for optimum stimulation of your G-spot or your prostate gland. Others have a tapered tip and an increasing body girth to make you ready for bigger toys. Some products in this selection have ridged and contoured shaft for added texture. Most of them have ergonomic handles. Some are hollow. Some are firm. And, probably the most thrilling part, most of these toys vibrate!

Yes, that’s right. Most products on the list either have built-in vibrators or removable bullet-type ones. Embarking on the anal journey the first time, you have so many sensations to process, and we don’t want your hands to get in the way of all these. That is why we want you to enjoy big orgasms in quiet, hands-free moments.

These products are also very easy to clean. If the vibrators are removable, take them out first and then submerge the silicone dildo in warm soapy water. If a product has a built-in vibrator, wipe the toy with a clean cloth damped in a solution of warm water and antibacterial soap. You can also invest in specially formulated sex toy wipes and spray. Make a habit of cleaning your toys before and after each use to maintain them in their tip-top shape.

We guarantee you, given all these pleasure devices in this collection, it’s hard to select just one. Each of them has different uses and is meant to give you different kinds of pleasurable sensations. You can use them as part of your sexual foreplay or spice up your masturbation session.

Bless your butt, and start counting the glorious days ahead of you. Shop now!

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