Black Silicone Anal Beads Butt Plug with an Anchor Base
If you pursue sexual pleasure like there's no tomorrow, then you're a certified sex enthusiast. And being one, you're not into ordinary sex toys; instead, you want something unique, one that will satisfy your pursuits and exploits for extra-ordinary sensual bliss. Here's the Black Silicone Beady Butt Plug that combines the pleasure from anal beads and a butt plug!

Exquisite but straightforward in design, you'll know exactly what sexual territory this toy is for. Made for backdoor fun, this black bum plug features two beads with one at the tip tapered for easy insertion. Enjoy them popping inside and feel the bumps massaging your anal muscles.

Its slender neck and anchor-shaped base allow optimal positioning for maximum comfort even during extended wear. The shape of the base will also prevent the toy from going deeper where it can't be retrieved.

Interestingly, inside the body of this butt plug are tiny loose metals, making rocking motions super stimulating. The design is intended to boost anal muscle response while delivering heightened sensations. While it's shaped to make the prostate massage more pleasurable, women can also enjoy the fullness it brings, especially during sex.

Crafted from premium silicone, this booty pleaser makes anal play hassle-free. That's because this material doesn't irritate the skin as it's hypoallergenic. Many sex toys nowadays are unsafe due to the toxic compounds in them, but this silicone toy doesn't have any. Come cleaning time, washing it is so easy you won't break a sweat. You can quickly get rid of whatever's left on it since it's non-porous.

Prepare your rear hole for the entry by getting it turned on. Have your partner lube his finger and insert it, then swirl it around the rim. Another finger should go in to stretch it more. When you feel it's ready, it's time for this butt plug to get plugged into the ass.

Give your backdoor the most sensational treat it deserves! Buy now!


Color Black
Type Anal Beads
Material Handle: N/A
Plug: Silicone
handle: N/A
plug: Medium
handle: N/A
plug: Medium


Black Silicone Beady Butt Plug

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  • $39.99

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