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Make sure you’re always ready for anal play with a deep and cleansing anal douche. These kits contain everything you need to start anal douching at home.

What is an Enema Kit?

Enema kits are simple tools that let you cleanse your colon and make sure your anal cavity is free of any debris. This is commonly called anal douching.

Most kits consist of a bag that holds the cleansing fluid, and a tube to feed it into your anus. You may also find versions that are a bit like a squirt bottle, having a bulb and tube. This version doesn’t fit as much fluid, and will not be able to cleanse as deeply.

Some enema kits attach directly to your shower hose, letting you draw water directly into your anus. You need to be more careful if you use these and make sure both the temperature and pressure isn’t going to cause you any issues.

Do You Need to Douche?

This is the big question most people have when they first discover enema kits. You might have been quite happily enjoying anal sex for months or even years without ever douching, so why start now?

To put it simply, you don’t need to douche. It’s entirely optional.

Generally, your butt stores poop much higher up until it’s ready to make its exit. Unless you’re using the largest toys, or you’re hung like a horse, you shouldn’t have to worry about any of it making an unpleasant appearance during sex.

Sometimes though, it’ll still be on your mind, and the thought of an unfortunate incident can be very distracting or just outright put you off anal altogether. If this sounds like you, then douching beforehand might be exactly what you need to help you relax and enjoy all the pleasure anal has to offer.

What Fluid Should I Use to Douche?

Alongside an enema kit, you’ll also need fluid to clean out your colon. If you do some searching, you’ll quickly find that there is a huge variety of liquids people use for douching, all for different reasons.

Generally, you aren’t going to need any of these more unusual liquids. For a standard douching before sex, warm water or an enema solution will do fine.

How to Anal Douche

So you have your kit and you’re ready to empty out your body. What next?

Anal douching is a very simple process , but before you get started you should make sure that everything is ready to go. Your entire kit should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid any cross contamination. This can usually be done with warm, soapy water.

Fill up the bulb or bag with your chosen liquid. If you’re using water, then make sure it’s lukewarm at most. Any hotter will be uncomfortable. For enema solutions, each should come with its own preparation instructions, so make sure to follow them precisely.

Finally, make sure you use lubrication on the nozzle to make it easier to insert. You can also put some lube on your anus if you prefer.

Once you’re ready to insert the nozzle, make sure you’re either in the shower or by the toilet. The liquid will need somewhere to go after you’ve used it. Gently insert the nozzle, just as you would any other anal toy. If you need to, use your finger first to gently relax the anal muscles and make insertion easier.

Slide the nozzle in, then gently squeeze the bag or bulb to start pushing the water into your body. Go slowly here. You don’t need to use the entire bag in one go. Hold the water inside your body for a few seconds, then remove the nozzle and expel the liquid.

If everything’s gone right, any debris inside your anus should come out along with the liquid. You can now repeat this process as necessary until all you’re expelling is clean fluid.

For a deeper cleanse, simply squeeze more water in at a time. You should feel it gradually filling up inside your stomach, so you should have an idea of how far the water is reaching. Some people also prefer to lie down while letting the enema fluid into their body.

Are Enema Kits Safe?

As long as you’re cleaning them properly, using appropriate liquids, and lubricating the nozzle before use, you shouldn’t have any issues using an enema kit. Likewise, you shouldn’t use them too often or you may cause issues for the lining of your intestines and anus.

Make sure you thoroughly check all the ingredients if you use any douching solutions too. Sometimes these can contain laxatives, which is not ideal for anal sex. You may also be allergic to some of the ingredients, and pumping them into your body could have severe side effects.

Ready to start douching? Choose from our range of high-quality enema kits and feel secure in the knowledge that your anal play will be clean and easy!