Pink Crystal Spear Butt Plug
Pink Crystal Spear Butt Plug
Pink Crystal Spear Butt Plug
Pink Crystal Spear Butt Plug

Piercing through the tough skin of repetitive and bland bedroom routines can be quite hard. Well, not if you have the right pleasure tool. So for a change, try something that looks beautiful and dangerous, like this Pink Crystal Spear Butt Plug.

Nowadays, we only see a kunai in manga or in movies that feature ninjas. And though an authentic kunai is an effective tool for inflicting pain, this kunai-inspired butt plug effectively destroys sexual frustration. It's a glass butt plug with a pointy tip, like that of a kunai. But unlike this ancient weapon, this pointy tip is not for piercing someone's flesh but someone's anus. In addition, this tapered tip and smooth shaft will make the insertion feel flawless. And to make sure that it will not completely go inside your backdoor, it has a ring handle to keep it in place.

Don't worry because this butt plug doesn't have any bumps or imperfection that can tear your butthole's soft skin. But still, using much lube is a must. And because the material is glass, you can use any lubricant of your choice.

Another outstanding trait of glass sex toys is their ability to hold temperature. And because of this, you can use this butt plug hot or cold. Submerging it under a bowl of hot water or ice cubes can turn it into a warm or nippy piece of butt toy. But no matter what temperature you prefer to enjoy during your anal play, you need to wash this toy before and after each use. You can rub the surface and wash it with warm water and mild soap. Rinse it thoroughly and wipe it dry before setting it aside. Make sure to store it in a place where it will not roll or fall.

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Color/Type Pink
Material Glass
Dimension Length: 5.20 inches
Plug: 1.50 inches
Handle: 1.89 inches


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Pink Crystal Spear Butt Plug

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