18" Black With White Fox Tail Silicone Plug
18" Black With White Fox Tail Silicone Plug
18" Black With White Fox Tail Silicone Plug

Are you looking for that big surprise to wow your partner? Dress up like you're a tamed fox with a wild past and spice up your foreplay with a stunning outfit on your big night!

Take a ride on the kinky side of roleplaying and try our 18" Black With White Fox Tail Silicone Plug. This plug will change how you enjoy your nights, either with your partner or on your own. It is pretty, versatile, and is designed for pleasure!

The pink plug is made of high-quality silicone for that sensational, skin-like texture you will love. If you are a novice user, this one is the best choice for you. Silicone will adjust to the natural curves and bends of your butthole as it's soft and almost squishy. So, all you have to do is add the right amount of water-soluble lubricant, and you are good to go!

With its tapered design, your ass will open up like a flower in bloom! As this happens, you will feel the fullness as it gives you that kinky satisfaction. Moreover, the tail is a stunning display of playfulness because it will sway and wave according to your lustful thrusts! Give your partner a sensual dance with this one, and your night will be unforgettable!

This plug is available in three different sizes to accommodate your needs. It ranges from a small variant to start with, a medium one for intermediate users, and even a larger one for expert enthusiasts! You will love how each of these measurements gives you an enjoyable plugging session every time.

Just be sure to always prioritize hygiene when playing with these toys. Wash the plug with soap and water before and after each use. Be careful not to include the tail in rinsing because you may disturb the fur's natural texture. Dry it with a piece of cloth before storing it in a separate container, away from direct sunlight.

Be pretty with a mission. Grab this stunning piece today! 

Color/Type Plug- Pink
Tail- Black and White
Material Silicone, Faux Fur
Dimension Length: 18 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

18" Black With White Fox Tail Silicone Plug

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