Types of Petplay

The world of petplay is large and varied, and many different people enjoy different aspects of this uncommon fetish. You might think it’s as simple as choosing the pet you want to roleplay as and then doing it, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Some people only petplay for a short period of time, while others devote their entire lives to it. You might be against certain sex toys, or not even want a sexual component of your roleplay. You might even have a problem with specific parts of the roleplay.

Roleplaying itself can be a little bit complicated. It can branch out to different things, and may require different rules based on what was previously agreed on. The same thing can be said for pet play, which is just a part of animal roleplay.

So to make things easier, we’re going to break down all the different types of petplay you can enjoy.

Short-Term Petplay

The most obvious distinction between different kinds of petplay relationship is how long it goes on for. Short-term petplay generally consists of one off scenes, where participants can act out a scenario for a while and then return to normal.

For example, if a dominant partner is out at work, they may have a scene when they get home where their pet partner is waiting and acts out the excitement of a dog who has missed it’s owner.

It’s best to work out how long these scenes will last ahead of time, and roughly what you want to get from them. That way everyone involved can leave satisfied.

If you’re just starting to dip your toes into the world of petplay then this will likely be the kind of roleplay you want to explore.

Permanent Petplay

On the other end of the scale is permanent petplay. In these relationships, the person playing the pet completely leaves their human life behind, and spend their entire lives acting out the role of a pet.

This kind of roleplay isn’t to be taken lightly, and most of these relationships will have complex contracts explaining the rights that the pet and master have, and how the master will manage the human parts of their pet’s lives.

For some people though, this kind of permanent freedom is the most attractive thing roleplay can give them. With their “owner” taking care of any human responsibilities, they are free to explore their role fully and experience everything from a new perspective.

It’s important to note that long term roleplay can cause psychological damage if done incorrectly, so this isn’t something you should just jump into. Each part should be carefully planned out, and there should always be a plan in place if you want to end the roleplay. Once out, you should take the time to do plenty of aftercare, to help the pet return to their normal, human life.

Something In Between?

While these are the two extremes, there are still plenty of places to stop along the way. If you feel like roleplaying for a longer period, but not permanently, then why not?

Spend time discussing these kinds of fetishes with your partner, and before trying anything, make sure the two of you agree what is going to happen.

Which Animal?

Of course, the choice of animal will still play a massive impact on the content of your roleplay, even if it isn’t the most important consideration.

Choosing an animal can be interesting, difficult, and even scary. For most people the best thing to do is choose an animal you think you’ll enjoy roleplaying as. You might be spending a lot of time in this role, and if you don’t enjoy it then the roleplay probably isn’t going to work as well.

Domesticated Petplay

The simplest form of petplay involves animals which are commonly domesticated and kept as pets. It’s easier to do this as you will usually have a good frame of reference to the ways the animals act, and the kind of activities you can do together.

There are also many different accessories you can easily purchase to enhance your roleplay experience. Food bowls, beds, scratching posts, and all kinds of other things are easily available which can help make the roleplay seem real.

Pup Play Fetish

As man’s best friend, it shouldn’t be a shock to find out that roleplaying as a dog is one of the most popular choices. These fascinating animals have so many facets to explore, and with the variety of breeds, it should be easy to find something you identify with.

While you are free to explore as you wish, the majority of dog roleplay tends to revolve around the younger years, hence the name pup play.

The main reason for this is that once a dog becomes older, they’ve usually been properly trained and often become less painful. This is a huge part of the experience that is removed simply by choosing to roleplay as an older dog!

If you’ve decided that it’s a pup’s life for you, then there are plenty of things you can explore through your roleplay. Not only can you experience things from a new perspective, but you can choose to explore aspects of training and obedience, taking walks together, being alert and warning the humans of things approaching, or even try out eating like a dog!

Most petplayers will use some accessories to make their roleplay more enjoyable, and pup play is no different! There are lots of different things you can try out like wearing a pet play collar as a symbol of your loyalty and obedience to your partner. Consider getting a puppy play collar for yourself or your partner to embrace the dog persona in your roleplay sessions.

Kitten Play Fetish

Where there are dogs, there are always cats, and pet play is no different! Just as many people love playing the role of their furry feline friends.

Again, like pup play, most cat roleplayers tend to go for the younger years of a cat’s life, earning it the name of kitten play.

As a young cat, you can explore the world from a playful and curious perspective. You can’t really enjoy training roleplay with a cat, but for many this is made up for by the fierce loyalty a feline can display for its owner. You may wear accessories like cat tails to enhance your roleplay sessions as well kitten play collar will mark the wearer as a prized pet.

Older cats tend to be less playful, and command a certain level of respect. While this more serious kind of roleplay may be a bit boring for some, others enjoy the quiet and tempered life offered by petplaying with an older cat.

Rabbit Play

Many people love rabbits and bunnies, and trying rabbit play can be one of the cutest and most enjoyable types of petplay.

It should go without saying that rabbit play will involve lots of cuddling and stroking, and also explore the playfulness and fun that you can enjoy by owning one of these animals.

If you want your roleplay to be a little more on the safe side, with plenty of physical contact and love, then rabbit play could be right up your street.

Wild Animal Petplay

Even though domesticated animals are much easier to roleplay as, there are just as many people who like to roleplay as more wild animals.

Some of these are still trained by humans to help during life, while others simply wander the wilderness doing whatever they want to. The great thing about petplay involving these kinds of animals is that there is much more freedom to shape the roleplay however you see fit.

Pony Play

It may be surprising, but many people enjoy roleplaying as a horse or pony! This kind of petplay is drastically different from some of the others, as a horse isn’t an animal that lives in your own home.

Naturally, this means it’s impossible to have a permanent pony based relationship, but some people manage to get quite close.

A large part of ponyplay that many participants enjoy is training their horse. These roleplayers are treated just like equestrian animals, and taught how to dressage, and present themselves properly.

While you might expect that pony play would involve one person riding the other, this isn’t recommended. Doing so can cause serious back trauma. If you want to simulate something like this, then the rider must keep their weight on their own legs.

Fox Play

Another type of petplay that’s a little wilder is fox play. These types of relationships tend to be a bit more difficult to explore, as foxes aren’t typically animals that are trained and domesticated. If you were to make a realistic fox play scenario, you’d probably be locked in the garden rummaging through trash for food!

What’s interesting with fox play though, is that you have some creative freedom to explore the relationship as you see fit. Some like to attempt to bring in some of the more domestic elements found in other animal scenarios, but also explore some of the difficulties associated with taming this kind of animal.

Thanks to the nature of these animals, the pet itself often has more influence and power in the relationship than other animal scenarios. This creates a kind of mutual respect dynamic between the participants. If you’re a submissive who isn’t looking to just be told what to do all the time, then fox play might be perfect for you!

Wolf Play

Much like fox play, wolf play also changes the dynamic of pet play a lot. Throughout history, there are some examples of these animals being trained and domesticated. If you want, you can stick to some of the more standard aspects of petplay.

If you’re willing to think outside the box though, there are many possibilities for wolf play. Similarly to fox play, you can explore some of the difficulties in taming these wild animals.

You can also change the dynamic drastically, by having all the participants of the roleplay take on the role of a wolf. These animals frequently live in packs, and each pack will have an alpha who leads all the other wolves. By exploring this dynamic, the dominant partner can take on the role of alpha and still lead and control the roleplay, but also enjoy some of the freedom and fun that comes with playing an animal too!

Cow Play

Perhaps the most unusual style of pet play that is often talked about online is cow play. While it might sound like an odd animal to explore, there is still opportunity for the master and submissive relationship with a cow. Rather than a pet and its owner though, the bond will be between a farmer and his animals.

Cow play can often focus a lot on breasts too. Naturally cows have udders, and milking them can be a frequent part of life for the animal. Couples might want to explore this using sex toys which target the breasts like pumps or clamps.

Petplay Can Explore Any Animals!

While these are some of the most common examples of petplay you’ll find, you shouldn’t feel limited by them! The point of petplay is to explore roleplay the way you want to. Some petplay enthusiasts even explore wearing accessories like tail butt plugs and ears to completely immerse in their chosen animal headspace. Bondage toys such as a bite gag or a silicone bit gag also add different gimmicks to your roleplay. Consider using a muzzle for humans as well, and along with rope bondage, your petplay might just become more wild and authentic. Other BDSM gear you might like to try include bondage stockades.

And let's not forget the other variety of toys in the market. Other couples use different types of dildo to spice up their playtime, like using a micro dildo for subtle and gentle teasing, or using a fantasy dildo to add an element of magic and wonder to their sessions. There are even butt plugs that have a swishy tail, like wolf tail plugs.

This means that if there’s any animals out there that you’ve wondered “what would it be like to live their life”, then there’s no reason not to try it. Work with your partner to figure out what might work then just give it a go! If it doesn’t work you can always try different animals later.

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