Renting A Sex Machine - A Genius or Crazy Move?

In the era of millennials, everything is for rent. While we’re pining and moping around because we can’t afford the houses the generations before us easily bought on a one-salary income (thanks, Boomers!), renting seems to be the answer to many problems, not just housing.

If you didn’t know, renting has taken over the sex toy industry by storm as well. Oh, yes, it’s not just apartments we’re renting! We’re renting out used sex machines as well! In fact, the sex machine rental business is booming, more so than any other rental business in the sex toy industry.

Why Rent a Sex Machine

Some of you might be wondering, “who’d want to rent a sex toy?”

In a world where everything is for sale (or at least for rent) and where prostitution is a thing (don’t act all prudish), the answer is — a lot of people. Renting sex toys sounds obscene. It’s something we use in an intimate setting, away from prying eyes, and something that we usually don’t share with a lot of people.

Sharing Isn’t Necessarily Caring

Yeah, there’s that word — share. It doesn’t really go well alongside “sex toys,” we agree. And yet, some people are still willing to rent out sex machines. What possesses them to do so, we hear you ask?

  • Affordability — sex machines are expensive. Renting one is cheaper than buying one.
  • Try it before you buy it — if the saying is good enough for a car purchase, why not a sex machine as well, right?

Because the budget ends up being a determining factor in many of our decisions, it’s no wonder that it’s vital when purchasing (or not) sex machines. So renting equipment makes a lot of sense because it’s more economical and affordable, especially for first-time users.

Sex machine virgins worry about a lot of things. What if they don’t like it? What if it ends up right alongside that stationary bicycle that they swore they’d use all the time but is now doing nothing but collecting dust?

Understandably, people are reluctant to buy such a large and expensive toy without taking it out for a spin and trying it out. But is renting a smart move?

Dangers of Rental Sex Machines

Given that sex machines cost an arm and a leg (or at least one month’s rent), we understand the urge to try them out before committing to a purchase. For example, a Sybian sex machine costs more than $1,000 without the accessories, while a Sybian rental comes up to a fraction of that price. When you’re spending that much money, you should be confident in your purchase decisions, we understand. After all, you take a car out for a drive before you buy it, so why not a sex toy?

But sitting in a car isn’t the same as using a sex toy that you KNOW someone else used before, right? So what are the main concerns?

Potential Contamination

First of all, no matter how thoroughly both the rental place and you clean the machine, there are still chances of you catching something from it. We’re all going around and preaching safe sex as a way of life. We can’t do that while renting sex machines at the same time. You have no idea who used the machine, what their health status was like at the time, or if the device is clean.

But even if the machine was thoroughly cleaned, even if it was drenched in bleach and sterilized with professional equipment, there are other things to consider.


For example, a rental machine is used more often than one purchased for regular use. That means that it’s more prone to wear and tear. You can potentially get a faulty, broken, or malfunctioning sex machine. Something that goes as close to your family jewels as a sex machine shouldn’t malfunction EVER.

Guide to Successfully Renting a Sex Machine

If you really want to rent a sex machine, then at least do thorough research before you take this step. Most sex machine rentals will do an excellent job of maintaining the devices and providing each client with clean, unused attachments. However, ALL of them will claim that they do so. It’s up to you to figure out if they are telling the truth or not.

Do Your Research

So, do a little digging. Well, we say a little, but we actually mean a lot. Find out everything you can about the supplier and the way they operate. Read client testimonials and try to weed out the fake ones if there are any.

Additionally, always make sure that you’re renting from a trustworthy supplier. All attachments and accessories that are meant to have intimate contact with your genitals should arrive sealed and unused within the sex machine transit case. If that’s not the case — if they aren’t sealed or seem worn, don’t risk using them. Sex toys aren’t like toilet seats — the number of asses they see should be minimal.

Keep Yourself Safe

Make sure to do your part in making the entire experience as safe as possible. Each supplier will say they cleaned the machine, but don’t take their word for it. Clean it yourself both before and after use. A reliable supplier will include cleaning supplies with the machine, which is one of the telltale signs that you’ve stumbled upon a keeper (if there is such a thing in this business).

Finally, always be safe. Use a condom with used sex machines as a final layer of protection.

Alternatives to Renting

We can see you weighing your options now. Making a thousand buck purchase isn’t something you’re willing to do on a whim, but renting doesn’t seem like the right option for you either, right? However, if you’re still looking to try before you buy, we have a solution.

In that case, you can always try some alternatives to renting. Some sex toy stores, especially big ones, sometimes offer a “try” option. You might be able to find one that has a store model that you can test. Don’t hold your breath, though, as such cases are rare.

But finding a sex dungeon or a brothel that has sex machines might be easier. Of course, that would mean actually going to a sex dungeon, but, hey, the things we do for research, right?

Of course, you can always ask around in your group of friends if anyone has a sex machine. You never know who’s hiding what under the bed and in the closets! Maybe they’ll let you take it out for a spin (so to speak).

A Few Parting Words

Although we don’t recommend it, we can’t deny that renting sex machines has its perks. If that is something you’re interested in, keep in mind everything we said and take all precautionary measures to protect yourself. No glove, no love has a whole new meaning with a used sex machine! However, if you are now considering purchasing a sex machine, you can browse our sex machines collection here.