Wolf Tail Butt Plugs

Transform into a hungry predator and howl at the moon when the sky is dark. However, you can only do that when you take home some of our wolf tail butt plugs!

Wolves are wild animals that have a thirst for their prey. If you don't know already, they're closely related to dogs. So if you want to turn into your man's best friend but with an untamed personality, you're fit for a Wolf Tail Butt Plug of your own!

Each anal sex toy is unique on their own as they put together the essence of pet play and the satisfaction of being penetrated in your anus. It'll be hard to decline tail plugs that give you the best of both worlds.

You know that this brute usually has a furry grey or black wolf tail, but since we're talking about a sex toy, we'll let your imagination run free on its own! You can choose from a variety of faux fur colors and be your own rare species by going for a color that's uncommon for these beasts.

Similar to our fox tail plug products, the wolf tail is made from soft imitation fur material that's so high-quality, you wouldn't believe that it's not real. It flows down beautifully and sways back and forth with every movement from your rear end. How captivating must it be for your beloved to see you seductively showing off a hidden side of you? When he sees and touches your smooth wolf tail, it will send your dull nights flying away!

What about the anal plug? We have a lot to talk about those, too. First, you can pick what material you want to use. A silicone wolf tail anal plug is recommended for newbies and beginners, while those who have the experience and want something more are free to use stainless steel-made ones.

Both of these materials are high-quality. They all went through a strict quality control test to make sure they're non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Rest assured, they don't contain any traces of harmful elements such as BPA, latex, lead, and phthalates. Since this toy is set to go in your anus, they each have a flat base at the end before it's connected to the tail. This is to ensure that the tail plug does not go in further than it's supposed to.

Our wolf tail butt plugs are also non-porous, which means they don't have any micro-pores that liquid can seep through. You can also apply your favorite lubricant to make the insertion more comfortable. Just keep in mind to use water-based for silicone toys. You're free to use any stainless steel tail plug.

Don't set your mind on the regular type and try new plug shapes as well. We also have ribbed and tapered versions to give your butthole a new sensation if you're getting bored with the usual teardrop shape.

Unleash the sexy beast within you with a Wolf Tail Butt Plug of your own. Complete the look by getting yourself a pair of wolf ears with a leash and collar set to wear. Don't worry; we ship all of our products in discreet packaging.

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