Raccoon Tail Butt Plugs

Surprise your love partner with an unusual sex toy from this collection!

Everyone talks about dogs, cats, foxes, and ponies in pet play. But no one talks about being raccoons. These active and unpredictable creatures can act like angels in one minute, then turn to little devils in the next. If you believe that you're more of this type—especially in bed—this might be your spirit animal, after all.

If that's the case, then why not get yourself a Raccoon Tail Butt Plug and show your lover the roller coaster personalities of these misunderstood creatures?

Be fascinated with the different patterns and styles of each raccoon tail. No two are exactly alike. Each anal pleasure tool is equipped with your trusty butt plug with a raccoon tail attached at the end.

Your plugs can be as soft or as hard as you want them to be. They're made from either silicone or stainless steel material, both of which are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. They went through a strict quality process to make sure that they're body-safe and free from any traces of BPA, latex, lead, and phthalates.

Apart from that, they're also waterproof, which means you are more than welcome to apply on your favorite lube to let things slide in a little bit easier. You probably already know the drill: water-based for silicone, and stainless steel goes with anything!

Go for silicone if you're just exploring your new kinky fetish. It's a soft and pliable material that follows your body's natural curves (aka your anus), so it shouldn't be too complicated in trying to fit it in. It's also the only material that can be bought in multiple choices of colors! Perfect if you have trouble choosing just one style...because why should you even?

Stainless steel is the primary choice of the veterans of anal play. They know what the cold, hard, and heavy metal can do to their rears, and they're ready to take on the challenge. This is also best for those who love adding in some temperature play into their toys. Just submerge the tool under hot or cold water for a minute or two to absorb the temperature, and you're good to go!

The tailpiece comes in the familiar stripey design every raccoon has. The stripes vary in color; some are lighter or darker than the others; it all depends on your preference!

The fur that makes up the tail is high-quality, soft to the touch, and has a good volume that spreads out to look thick and full. Once the plug is nice and secured between your butt cheeks, the tail dances and sways about with every movement of your body. Keep it on even when you're not having sex with your partner. Be a raccoon for a day and walk around the house with the tail still trailing behind. We bet you that your lover won't be able to keep his eyes off of you.

Hurry and pick up a Raccoon Tail Butt Plug from this collection right now!

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