Dog Tail Butt Plugs

Be your man's best friend in bed with our products from this collection!

You probably already know how your four-legged friends work. They're loyal creatures that will do almost anything you tell them to. With the right training and generous rewarding, you have yourself a companion for life.

The same goes for your human partner. If you give him all the attention partnered with lots of love, there's no way he'll be sniffing someone else's butt! Keep his eyes only on your rear end by wearing a Dog Tail Butt Plug from us!

Get on all fours and show him what this anal sex toy can do! Most of our tails are made from high-quality silicone. This creates a wagging action that shows your partner how excited you are for playtime in the bedroom! We'll make sure that you'll only have great memories with this tailpiece as it's made from medical-grade material, it's non-toxic and doesn't include any traces of harmful elements such as latex, BPA, and phthalates.

Silicone is also boosted with a waterproof feature. Not only will you be able to use this under wet conditions, but you'll also be able to apply your favorite water-based lubricant for an easier slip-in. It wouldn't go any farther than it's supposed to as each one has a stopper piece just before it tapers to the tailpiece. So you're safe knowing that you can be someone's pet without any worries.

The plugs are also available in different plug shapes and sizes because a happy pup is a good pup. Newbies can go for the smaller variants, while experienced brutes can have the bigger treats. You can even choose the expanding butt plug for a more extensive stimulation and be the luckiest dog ever!

Do you prefer something long and flowy instead? Yep! We have those, too! The plugs for this option are made from either silicone or stainless steel. If you want something that will be hard on your back door, then metal plugs will suit you better. These will have a bit of heft under them and can be applied with any formula of lubricant.

The thick fur is not authentic but still very wouldn't even notice that it isn't the real deal. Have your owner stroke it whenever he feels like it. It's similar to giving your dog a pet for being a good girl. It'll be hard to tell the difference that your partner might even consider you as his real pet.

If you like the sound of that, then why not go all the way! A Dog Tail Butt Plug is just the first step to transforming into an animal for petplay. Complete the look by getting yourself a pair of dog ears. Accessorize by fitting on a sparkly collar and a fancy leash! There's nothing better than showing off you're owned by someone than being their pet.

Start your training and buy a plug or two from this collection. Don't worry; we ship all of our products in discreet packaging. Just make sure that the treats are on you.

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