Wearing A Butt Plug in Public

These are used for a variety of purposes. These include:

  • To relax and stretch out the anal muscles so that anal sex is more comfortable
  • To provide a little foreplay before any type of anal sexual activity
  • To give yourself a little extra physical, mental, and, of course, sexual stimulation

Because of these and many other reasons, many people have started wearing butt plugs during the day and even to sleep in because each time that you wear a butt plug, it provides you with the stimulation you’re seeking and helps stretch out those anal muscles as well.

Each wearer has a different reason for choosing to wear a butt plug out in public and there are no “bad” reasons to do so. After all, this is a personal decision and everyone has a right to enjoy his or her butt plug while out and about during the daytime.

If you’ve never heard of this practice before, it is definitely nothing new. If you’re interested in doing it yourself, there are a few things that you need to know before you get started.

It isn’t a difficult process but there are still things that can make it even easier on anyone who wants to try doing this.


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You can definitely wear a butt plug out in public; in fact, many people do. However, you won’t want to wear one out in public that you haven’t already worn successfully in the comfort of your home.

In other words, if you’ve never worn your butt plug while doing laundry or preparing dinner, you shouldn’t attempt to go out in public and do the same.

Wait until you are comfortable wearing your butt plug around the house before you venture out with it in public.

One aspect of wearing a butt plug that many people are surprised by is that all sorts of people like wearing butt plugs.

This includes both men and women as well as both gay and straight people so you should never be surprised if you hear from some of your friends that they like to wear butt plugs when they’re out in public.

These people do it for various reasons: to feel like they’re doing something forbidden or naughty, to show off their exhibitionist tendencies in the hopes that they’ll “get caught” while wearing their butt plugs, and even for various role-playing and BDSM activities. Some even choose to wear day collars or metal collars as a playful hint of their secret lifestyle.

In fact, the “dom” making the “sub” wear a butt plug to a certain event or location is a very popular activity.

Of course, most sex toy experts recommend that you only wear your butt plug for two to three hours at a time so going out for short errands is always better than trying to wear it all day long.

This is especially important when you’re a beginner because you should never wear the butt plug out in public any longer than you’re used to wearing it in your home.

To recap, wearing a butt plug out in public is kinky and titillating for many people but it is an activity that you should get used to slowly and in the privacy of your own home first.

This is the absolute best way to handle this type of sexual activity successfully.


When you’re at home, you can wear any type of butt plug that you wish including one that is super-large, oddly shaped, or even specialized, such as tail or princess butt plugs.

However, when you’re interested in wearing butt plugs in public, there is one main rule and that is comfort.

After all, if you’re going to be wearing your butt plug in public, comfort is the name of the game, which is yet another reason why you need to try out the butt plug in the privacy of your home first.

At least in the beginning, it’s best to find a butt plug that is small and fairly soft until you get used to wearing the plug out in public.

After all, getting used to a butt plug while you’re out in public can be awkward and uncomfortable if it’s large, is textured, or has specialized features.

Getting used to a butt plug in public when it’s small and soft is much easier to do and there are even sex toy companies that make butt plug sets that include extra small for this exact purpose.

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There are also different types of bases for butt plugs and for wearing these toys out in public, the plugs that are made with flat bases work out the best.

Flat bases make it easier to remove the plug and they also give your clothes a better look when, for example, you slip on a pair of jeans and you’re wearing a butt plug at the same time.

Flat bases are just plain comfortable when you’re out in public wearing a butt plug, in part because they aren’t bulky or awkward if someone should be looking towards your bum.

Of course, it is also important to remember that regardless of which type of butt plug you choose for wearing out in public, you should always remove it immediately if it ever becomes uncomfortable.

This can happen sometimes, especially if your lube is starting to absorb into your body, causing the anus to become drier than it should be. At the first sign of discomfort, the butt plug should therefore come out regardless of where you are when this happens.


Many people do wear their butt plugs at work but if you’re going to do this, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

First, just as with wearing a butt plug out in public, wearing one at work should only be attempted once you get comfortable with wearing one around the house for several hours at a time.

This is a practical tip that makes it much simpler and more convenient for you to wear your butt plug at your place of employment.

In addition, you should keep a plastic bag and some lube on hand at all times. This is because if you have a bowel movement at some point during the day, you can remove the plug and re-lube once you’re ready to put it back in or place it in the bag if you’re done for the day.

This makes removing the plug, either temporarily or for good, a lot more convenient on your part because you’ll be prepared for whatever happens afterwards.

Another reason to have the bag and lube ready is to be prepared if something unexpected should happen and you have to remove the plug quickly because you’ll then have the materials necessary to take the plug out immediately.

If you end up going into an unexpected meeting or you find yourself working late, you may simply want to remove your butt plug and the bag is a simple way to do this.

So, of course, you can wear one at work but keep in mind there's a recommended duration on how long you can leave a butt plug in. Make sure that you have some lube and a plastic bag with you at all times and, most importantly, don’t try this activity until you’re comfortable and used to doing it at home.


Both men and women of all sexual orientations love a little anal action and this includes the wearing of a butt plug while they’re outdoors.

Most people who wear butt plugs outside of their homes do so because they want to do something that they feel is a little taboo or forbidden.

What could be more forbidden or taboo than wearing a butt plug underneath your clothes when you’re out in public, especially when no one around you knows that you’re wearing it?

People also like to wear butt plugs in public because it makes them feel more attractive in many cases.

Although princess and tail butt plugs are generally not recommended for wearing outside of the home, but some women are brave enough to wear and embrace tails like fluffy fox tails. Many women in particular love the jeweled “princess” butt plugs because just knowing that they’re wearing the plug makes them feel pretty.

Indeed, if this is something that you enjoy and if you can wear one of these butt plugs without it being too bulky and showing underneath your clothing, then you should definitely go for it! After all, you’re wearing the butt plug to satisfy yourself and no one else so why not use the plug that you love the most?

If you’re wearing your butt plug because you want to work on stretching out your anal muscles, then each hour that you wear it will be a big help.

Even if you only wear the plug for one two- to three-hour stretch during the day, that will go a long way over time in relaxing those muscles and preparing them for anal sex.

In fact, regardless of the reason why you’re wearing a butt plug during the day, it can go a long way in fulfilling your goal and it will never disappoint you.

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