10 Best Homemade Butt Plugs

Many people are do-it-yourself enthusiasts, but is the DIY method good enough for your plug? If you want to be safe – and who doesn’t? – it is best to purchase one that is made by a reputable sex toy store and a competent manufacturer.

It is also best to buy something specifically made for the anal area, but does this mean you can’t use something else in a pinch? Oddly enough, the answer to that question is “no.

You can, in fact, use a variety of household items as a butt plug, but you still have to be very careful.

Although not recommended, household objects being used as butt plugs is a possibility, but there are a few things you need to take into consideration first.


If you’re considering a DIY butt plug, you should first ask yourself why you want one. If you’re super anxious for butt play and can’t wait for a visit to the sex toy store, you should very carefully consider the household items you’re going to be using.

Not all of them will be safe for anal play, so you need to ask yourself the following questions:

    • Is the material the object is made from porous, which can trap bacteria inside the anus?
    • Is the material too absorbent, such as cotton tampons, which can also trap bacteria and cause infections?
    • Is the object firm enough to fit into the anus without breaking or tearing?

Is it absolutely necessary to use a household item, or can you wait for a trip to the sex toy store?

In other words, using DIY butt plugs should be a last resort and should only be used occasionally, but most importantly, the items you use need to be safe for you every time.


If you’re going to use household objects as butt plugs, it is good to keep in mind the pros and cons of each of them. This includes the following:

    • Fruits and vegetables: these include cucumbers and bananas, which many people have inserted into the anus. The main tip for using food items is to pay attention to their level of ripeness.

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If they are too old, they can be squishier than they look, which means you risk getting part of it coming off inside of you.

To avoid this, make sure the items are very firm, and use a condom every time so that if something does break off, it will remain in the condom and not inside the anus.

    • Toothbrushes: these are nice and firm and likely won’t break inside of you, but since the base of the toothbrush is usually flat and not tapered, it could be more difficult to insert it into the anus.

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In addition, because of its pointy edges, you always risk the toothbrush tearing the lining of the anus, which will be painful.

Although toothbrushes are firm enough to work as a butt plug, they are generally not recommended, especially if you wish to use the toothbrush as a toothbrush in the future. If you do use a toothbrush as a butt plug, always use a condom and get yourself another toothbrush for your teeth.

    • Tampons: these are absolutely not recommended, mainly because their cotton design is made to absorb, and that’s not what you want in a butt plug.

Tampons can trap bacteria inside of the anus, which increases the likelihood that you’ll get an infection at some point.

There is also the possibility of toxic shock syndrome, and these reasons are also reasons why most tampon manufacturers recommend only keeping your tampons for a certain period of time before discarding them.

The bottom line when using household objects as butt plugs? Use a condom every time, and make sure the object is firm enough and safe enough to be used as a butt plug. If there is any doubt whatsoever on your part, the best option is to not use the item in the end.


If you are interested in making your own butt plug and you have a talent for arts and crafts, you’ll likely be tempted at some point to create your own sex toy.

Some people love to sculpt things out of clay, for example, but is a clay butt plug really safe? Although these items can be made firm enough to do the trick, you should also keep in mind that clay is a porous material, which means that bacteria, dirt, and dust can get into the item and increase the likelihood of an infection.

Other items people have attempted to make butt plugs out of include taper candles, wooden pestles, small inflatable balls, surgical tubing, dog bones, ginger root, PVC drain tubes, and many others.

However, just because people have used them as butt plugs in the past doesn’t mean these items are safe for anal use.

Make sure they are firm enough not to break once they get inside of you and nonporous so that you won’t get an irritation or infection. In addition, you should always use a condom just to be on the safe side.


If you’re into glass blowing, you can easily create a butt plug made of glass. In fact, when it comes to do-it-yourself butt plugs, these are likely some of the safest butt plugs you can use.

Glass is nonporous and very rigid, and it is very easy to clean as well. This makes it a perfect butt plug, and you can even decorate it with various designs and colors to make the toy even more enticing and interesting.

Of course, glass butt plugs also need to come in a very thick design, because if the glass is too light or thin, it will be easy for the plug to break off while it’s inside of you.

Make sure the butt plug is also super clean, which you can do by cleaning it with mild soap and water, and if you polish it before using it, it will be very smooth and comfortable once you start to play with it.

Another advantage of glass blowing and creating your own butt plug is that you can create one in the perfect size and thickness for your needs.

In other words, you can get a personalized butt plug that is made just for your use, increasing the odds that you’ll be madly in love with it once you start using it.


Once again, woodworking enthusiasts might be tempted to create their own butt plugs, but are these plugs as safe and comfortable as the ones made out of glass? In many cases, the answer is “yes.” If you choose woods such as oak or pine, which are both incredibly strong, you can easily make a butt plug that is safe and enjoyable to use.

If you sand and polish the plug afterwards, it will be extra smooth and soft, making it very comfortable once it gets inside of you.

With wooden sex toys, you have to be certain the wood isn’t too soft or porous, because porous items should never be used as a butt plug or any other type of toy.

Sanding them until they are perfectly smooth is also a must because let’s face it, the anus is not a place you want to get a splinter! A polyurethane varnish can also be applied to the plug, because this will ensure that it is smooth and free of pores so that you can use it safely.

In addition, much like glass butt plugs, woodworking experts can make a personalized butt plug that fits them perfectly and suits their needs even better, meaning wood is a perfect material to use when you’re trying to make a sex toy.


As long as the materials you use are nonporous and smooth, and the item itself is rigid enough not to break once it gets inside of the anus, homemade butt plugs can be safe.

This doesn’t mean, however, that all of them are perfectly safe.

Always familiarize yourself with the material, the size, and the smoothness of the item so that you can use it as a butt plug without it being dangerous and unsafe.

When it comes to all sex toys, safety is non-negotiable. Sex toys, including butt plugs, must be safe before you use them, so if there is any doubt as to the safety and comfort level of the item you’re considering using, it’s best not to use it.

Once again, buying a professionally made butt plug from a reputable sex toy company is always your best option, but if you absolutely, positively have to use a DIY butt plug, pay attention to the item itself and inspect it careful before you get started.

Of course, a little common sense is also important, so if your gut instinct tells you not to use a particular item as a butt plug, you should heed your own advice and forego that particular item so that you are sure to be safe once you are alone with your butt plug.

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