Small Beginner Butt Plugs

Have you always wanted to feel the fulfilling experience inside your back end? Welcome the most wondrous creation of man in this collection!

Erotic pleasure devices have been around for as long as man can remember. And there's no doubt that they're very efficient in making toes curl and backs arch. When your man and his gifts from the sex gods aren't making your nights miraculous anymore, there's nothing wrong with venturing out and trying something new.

Let our Small Beginner Butt Plugs do their job and change the way you have fun in your bedroom!

Whether it's your first time in getting your butt plugged or you gush over cute things, these anal sex toys will be perfect companions to your rear end! You don't have to worry about whether they will fit or not, since each one is designed to not be too rough for a newbie's butthole, no matter what they are made of.

Speaking of making of, let's talk about your options, shall we?

If you've never tried using an anal plug before, then we suggest going for a silicone material as your first option. We always recommend this to those who have never tried any type of anal penetration before. Although we highly suggest that you try using a finger or two to get your anus used to being lovingly pierced.

It's a soft and flexible material that follows your body's natural curves. The material is also tested to make sure that it's free from BPA and latex.

To make the experience even safer and more comfortable, we recommend using your favorite water-based lubricant to slather on the plug and make it more slippery. Applying silicone-based variants aren't allowed, as you could risk damaging the toy. Don't worry, these are completely waterproof, which means you can also use them in the shower or the tub!

A sex toy suitable for anal penetration should have a flat base or a handle at the end. It should also be wider than the plug itself. This is to prevent the device from being inserted further than it's supposed to.

Are you bored of playing the goody-two-shoes in the bedroom? If so, then you're ready for the next level! Next material level, that is.

We're talking about the stainless steel variants of this collection. Even though they're small, they can also inflict a little bit of domination if they want to. Getting a metal sex toy is not something that you should be taking lightly. These stone hard and solid options show you what taking control is all about. They also even have a little bit of heft into them, if that's what you're into.

Do you want even more? Metal can absorb temperature, so can your plug! Simply submerge it into hot or cold water for a minute or two, and your sex toy is ready to warm up your insides or even send shivers down your spine...the good kind!

Don't wait. Take the first step to anal pleasure with our Small Beginner Butt Plugs!

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