Jeweled Princess Butt Plugs

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Give your backdoor some bling with our jewel anal plugs!

Some want to have the fanciest of sex toys but don't want something too extravagant. Something that's just enough to catch your lover's eye. If that's the case, then we have just what you're looking for. Our wide array of Jeweled Anal Toys are ready to make your sex life even brighter!

A regular anal butt plug can give your anus some love, but a jeweled one will also make your partner's eyes sparkle and wide with desire. Why not grab a plug like this and see for yourself how it can transform your night from a dull experience to a priceless one.

Since each jewel plug is made to make your ass look premium, we made sure that the materials used to make these are premium as well. Every single element is polished to make sure that your plug shines in brilliance and luster. Most of our anal pleasure tools are made from stainless steel, which adds to the radiance when you look at it from any angle. We also have a few jewel ones that are made from medical-grade silicone. Both materials are non-toxic, free of phthalate, and completely body-safe.

There are several reasons why metal is the best gemmed anal plug material for a lot of people. For one, it's solid and can't be busted, which is perfect for those who love being dominated by a sex toy. The metal is cold, which sends tingles down your spine. You can make this type of metal plug colder or even hot if you want to. Just submerge it under hot or warm water for a minute or two to absorb the temperature, and you have a toy that will give you extra sensations inside.

Another feature that you will love with a metal jewel plug is that it is completely non-porous. Other toys have micro-pores around their structure that could cause the liquid to seep through, creating a breeding ground for bacteria easily. Having a non-porous toy simply means that it's waterproof.

But that's not even the beauty part yet. Since this type of plug is completely protected from any kind of liquid, you can take this in the shower or in the tub and have a glistening bum underwater! You'll also be able to use any formula-type of your favorite lube; this will make the insertion of your plug more comfortable and can even add to the overall stimulation. What could be better than combining jewelry and pleasure, right?

And let's not forget the very element that makes our jeweled anal plug collection the sparkliest in Lovegasm. The jewels are artificial but still high-quality. These gems are responsible for the bling on your backend. Aside from that, they also act as the stoppers on your plug as they have a flat base. This is to make sure the plug can’t go in further than it's supposed to, and it's great for having a better grip on the plug also.

Other than the usual teardrop shape, you can also get a gemmed plug in a ribbed style or other different sizes and designs. Having multiple options for the shape, and different sizes available – small, medium, or large size – means you can get a different sensation every time.

Shed some light and sparkles on your dark and dull nights with our Jeweled Anal Toys! Don't worry; your secrets are safe with us.

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