Smooth Aluminum Alloy Butt Plug 2.76 to 3.74 Inches Long


Butt plugs have long been a part of many couples’ anal sex repertoire, and if you’re fond of experimenting, chances are you’ve already been around the block with this one.

If you’re looking for something to add to your collection and so far you’ve stuck to the usual silicone ones, now’s your chance to try our Smooth Aluminum Alloy Butt Plug 2.76 to 3.74 Inches Long.

It’s body-safe, non-porous, and weighted just enough to be noticeable, which means this stunning device is meant for those who have been using butt plugs for a bit.

It’s slick, durable, and holds temperature quickly, perfect for those who enjoy playing with hot and cold sensations. Oh, and the best part? It goes with all types of lube!

We pride ourselves in producing only top quality sex toys for our customers, and our Smooth Aluminum Alloy Butt Plug is no different. It’s designed ergonomically so that it fits seamlessly into the butt without causing unnecessary pain.

The flared base sits snugly between the butts cheeks, allowing you to go about your daily business with this butt plug firmly lodged in your behind. It’s waterproof and adorned with a colored jewel on one end -- truly a sex toy you’d enjoy adding to your growing collection.

When it comes to metal toys that we insert down there and back there, it’s important that we find one that’s not the only body-safe but also non-tarnishing. Our Smooth Aluminum Alloy Butt Plug fits the bill for a fraction of the price of other branded plugs.

Like glass and steel, the aluminum alloy does not need a lot of lube for insertion, and it does not retain any smell. A quick wash with soap and water gets this plug squeaky clean and ready for your next use.

Color Silver
Type Butt Plug
Material Aluminum Alloy


handle: N/A
Plug: 2.75 to 3.54 in.


handle: N/A 
plug: 1.10 to 1.57 in.