Beat the Smell: Keeping Anal Toys Clean

Will Your Anal Toys Smell?

If your sex toys, your anal toys especially, are giving off a bit of a funky smell, that's a red flag waving at you. Many people have scratched their heads after scrubbing their toys clean, only to find that some stubborn scents linger on. It's a common concern floating around in forums and discussions, and it's definitely something you can conquer with the right know-how.

How Often Should You Clean Anal Toys

You don't want any nasty bacteria hitching a ride, so grab that toy as soon as the fun's over and clean it—no ifs, ands, or buts. If you're someone who loves frequent escapades, give your toy a quick wash before its next use too. It's like brushing your teeth: do it regularly for the best health.

Deep cleaning isn't an everyday affair, but it's crucial. How often? Well, that depends on how much action your toy sees. Think of it as a spa day for your toy—everyone needs a little extra TLC now and then.

Now, if you're sharing your toys (kudos for being generous!), cleaning is not something you should put aside before and after each use. Safety first, pleasure second. Stick to a cleaning schedule and your toy won't just be safer, it'll last longer too. 

What To Clean Your Anal Toy With

Go for mild, unscented soap to keep things simple and smell-free. Soap applies to your other toys too. Ditch the antibacterial stuff; it's not doing you any favors, and it might just be slacking on the sanitizing front.

When you're ready to get down and dirty with cleaning, boiling water, alcohol solutions, or a mild bleach mix can be your best friends—but only if your toy's manufacturer gives the green light. 
Sensitive materials like a silicone toy need pH-neutral soaps. And for those hard-to-reach spots? A soft cloth or brush will do the job.

How To Store Your Anal Toys

After the afterglow, where does your toy go? Store it in a cool, dry place, out of the sun's harsh spotlight. Toys are like vampires; they don't like sunlight.

Mixing different materials is a no-go. It's like storing onions with apples; things can get weird. Keep your dildo away from your butt plugs. Maybe even get them their own little fabric bags or containers. Before you tuck them in, make sure they're bone dry. Dampness leads to mold. And just like you'd check on a plant, peek in on your toys now and then for any wear or tear—it's all about keeping things safe and sound for the next round.

Understanding Different Material Reactions

  • Silicone, metal, and glass are the clean freaks of the sex toy world. They're non-porous, which means they're less likely to give bacteria a place to crash. This also means they're your best bet if you want to minimize unwanted odors.
  • Now, for the high-maintenance materials like jelly rubber – they're porous. That's a fancy way of saying they have tiny holes that can harbor bacteria. So, you'll need to roll up your sleeves and give these toys some extra elbow grease when cleaning.
  • Be wary of playing mad scientist with your toys. Some materials throw a fit when exposed to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures. You don't want your favorite pleasure provider to have a meltdown, literally.
  • Homework time! Get to know the dos and don'ts for each type of material your toys are made of. Proper hygiene is non-negotiable, so educate yourself on the care specifics to keep things safe and enjoyable.
Remember, a little material knowledge goes a long way in maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of your favorite backdoor playthings. So keep them clean!

The Role of Scented vs Unscented Soaps

Sure, scented soaps might seem like a good idea but unfortunately those fragrances can linger like an unwanted guest, sticking to your toys and tweaking the experience in ways you might not appreciate. So, let's keep it simple and stick to unscented soaps, okay?

Your nose and skin are very sensitive so strong fragrances could lead to irritation or allergies. Plenty of toy enthusiasts echo the same sentiment. No scents equals no problems. It's all about enjoying your playtime without any olfactory distractions. So, grab that unscented soap and show your toys some love .

Sanitizing vs. Cleaning: What's the Difference?

Cleaning is about getting rid of the stuff you can see. It's the act of scrubbing away any visible dirt and grime that your toys may have picked up during their adventures. This means using soap and water to wash off any residue.

But cleaning is only half the battle. That's where sanitizing steps in – it's the heavy-duty process that zaps bacteria down to safe levels. Think of sanitizing as the superhero that swoops in to save the day, ensuring that your toys aren't just clean, but they're also safe and ready for action.

There are a few ways to sanitize your toys:
  • Boiling them in water can be a simple and effective method for non-electronic toys that can handle the heat.
  • If you have a dishwasher, you can give them a spin without soap – the hot water and heat will do the sanitizing job.
  • For a quick fix, alcohol sprays or a mild bleach solution can be used, but always make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid damaging your toys.
Remember, if you're sharing your toys or using them in multiple ways, sanitizing is a must to prevent the transfer of bacteria. Just because a soap says 'antibacterial' doesn't mean it will properly sanitize your toys. These soaps are not the be-all and end-all, and they won't take the place of those sanitizing superheroes.

Quick Cleaning Tips for Busy Users

Keeping your anal toys clean doesn't have to be a time-consuming chore. For those of you constantly on the go, here are some no-fuss, quick cleaning tips you'll need.

The first thing you do is grab some wipes or sprays specifically designed for sex toys. Swipe, swipe, and you're done—just make sure they're safe for the material of your toy. I
f you're a fan of alcohol sprays, keep an eye on the clock. These sprays can be super speedy, sure, but they need time to air dry. So, plan ahead. Maybe give your toy a quick spritz right after use, and let it air out while you take a shower.

Always follow up with a water rinse. No matter how quick your clean-up is, you want to make sure that absolutely no residue from cleaners is left behind. This goes for all of your sex toys.

Addressing the Challenge of Persistent Odors

So you've scrubbed and scrubbed, but that funky smell just won't wave the white flag of surrender? Don't worry. It just means your toy is crying out for a deeper clean.

First things first, roll up your sleeves and get ready for a bit of toy TLC. Whip up a mild bleach solution – just a splash of bleach in a lot of water will do – or grab a specialized toy cleaner designed to tackle tough smells. These are your heavy hitters in the odor-obliterating game, and they're not to be underestimated.

Next, let's talk about your secret weapon in the war against whiffs: baking soda. it's a natural odor neutralizer. Sprinkle it on your toy and give it some time to work its magic before washing it off thoroughly. It's like a spa treatment for your toys – they'll come out feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Lastly, seek advice from seasoned pros on forums: sometimes, despite your valiant efforts, the best course of action is to retire your trusty companion. If that smell won't budge, it might be time to bid farewell and welcome a new toy into your life. Think of it as an opportunity for a fresh start – and a fresh scent!

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