What Do Anal Beads Feel Like?

The burning question on everyone’s mind when it comes to sex toys is what this device might actually feel like. With anal beads in particular, you might wonder how they differ from the many other anal sex toys on the market. Why should you buy anal beads over a dildo, butt plug, or prostate massager?

In this article, we’ll be giving you a better idea of many different aspects of anal beads and how you might enjoy them when you use them.

Before You Use Your Anal Beads

One part of almost any kind of sex toy usage that is often overlooked is what you might feel before you even begin. With anal beads this can be a massive part of the overall experience.

For someone who has used them many times in the past, the main feelings might simply be anticipation or excitement. If you’re a complete beginner though, these positive feelings can be quickly crowded out by worries and fears.

It’s important to relax as much as possible or you won’t be able to enjoy the process nearly as effectively. If you just can’t get the negative thoughts on anal play out of your head, then try to embrace them. After all, you’re doing something a little bit naughty which can be even more of a turn on!

Inserting Your Anal Beads

Insertion of anal beads is one of the two major parts where the feelings can be completely different from other anal sex toys. The sphincter will be getting stretched open as you insert the balls as it usually rests both very small and very tight. Unlike many other anal toys though, anal beads don’t just stretch the sphincter and keep it open.

As there as thinner sections between each bead, the sphincter gets stretched open and then pings back to its original position before being gradually opened by the next bead. This creates a popping sensation which can feel incredibly pleasurable.

Removing Your Anal Beads

Taking your anal beads out can be just as enjoyable as putting them in! Rather than simply removing them in one sweeping action like you might a soft dildo, try taking them out just one bead at a time.

This lets you experience the exact same popping sensation as before, but in reverse! If you get really good, you can time the popping from removing your anal beads with your own orgasms to really amplify everything and give you some explosive feelings of pleasure.

Wearing Your Anal Beads

While you keep them in the body, anal beads don’t give a huge amount of pleasure on their own. If you want extra stimulation from them, then you can partially remove and reinsert them to keep the good feelings going. With a little practise, this might be enough on its own to give you an entirely anal orgasm.

Another option though, is to simply leave them in place and try out some other sexual activities. Having them in can make a woman’s vagina feel tighter or make a man’s erection much stronger. If you manage to bring yourself to climax while keeping the beads in, you’ll probably experience some much more intense than normal orgasms.

Using Temperature and Anal Beads

If you’re looking for a little extra stimulation from your anal beads, you can experiment with adding heat to the mix. You can go in either direction as both heating them up and cooling them down can produce entirely different feelings. Try not to go too extreme with temperature as you don’t want to burn yourself or give your anus frostbite but working up to greater and greater temperature variation can give you some completely unique feelings.

Anal Bead Materials

Not all anal beads are created equally and using a different set can make things feel very different. These differences take many, many forms with varying impacts on what you feel.

For example, anal beads made of stainless steel will typically feel much colder when you insert them, giving you a nice little shock as they enter your body. They are extremely smooth, so will typically glide right in and be very easy to pull back out.

On the other hand, silicone anal beads will be almost the complete opposite. They’ll usually be a fairly average temperature not too different to your own and will typically be a little rougher and create more friction while you insert them.

Each of us has our own preferences and what works for me might not work for you. The best thing to do is try them all out! You’ll quickly find the ones that you enjoy the most.

While not necessarily a material, vibrating beads can also completely change the experience. Most of the time you’ll want to go for a set with adjustable speeds, so you can start slower and work your way up to the harsher vibrations. Or you could try inserting them turned off and activating them once they are inside your body, or even giving someone else the controls so you never know when they might activate!

There are so many different feelings you can get from different types of balls, so you really do just need to experiment for yourself.

Psychological Feelings While Using Anal Beads

I mentioned briefly the negative thoughts you might have while using anal beads, but it’s worth revisiting it a little as there are some things that can be viewed as bad when you first start using them. Whether you feel any of them or all of them is down to you, but one thing is for sure. They all pass with time.

One of the biggest misconceptions people will have before they try anal play is that it’s going to hurt. This might be a completely fabricated idea from reading online or talking to friends, or it might be something that’s stuck with them since the first time they tried anal and it hurt then so it must hurt now. Almost all of the time, pain in anal play is simply down to not using enough lubrication or going too fast. As long as you get everything nice and slippery and take your time, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Another misconception that we are hopefully starting to move away from is that if a man puts things in his butt, it makes him gay. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Being gay is a sexual preference. Using anal toys is simply enjoying your own body in ways that other people might not. We all have butts and for most of us it feels good to put things in them, and that really is all there is too it. So, stop worrying about what other people think and start exploring your own body!

"Using anal toys is simply enjoying your own body in ways that other people might not. We all have butts and for most of us it feels good to put things in them, and that really is all there is too it. So, stop worrying about what other people think and start exploring your own body!"

Indeed, each person can enjoy the use of anal toys in their own unique way. Some might prefer the potent stimulation provided by an anal dildo instead of anal beads. Small, beginner dildos offer less intimidating size as well, but you may go for a massive dildo if you want to go a level above just anal beads. And with glass as one of the more popular material for beads, a glass dildo or a glass wand is the perfect cross as its smooth and firm design can bring out new levels of stimulation.

There might also be some worries caused by the fact that your butt has poop in it. Whether it’s a hygiene concern, or simply something that’s a bit of a turn off, if it’s in your mind it can stay present the entire time you’re trying to enjoy your anal beads. The best way to deal with this is simply going for a bowel movement around an hour before you start. This makes sure your rectum is nice and empty and takes a load off you both physically and mentally.

Even the things we’ve covered might not completely describe how it’ll feel for you! You're free to explore your own body, and if adding more toys or even bdsm equipment helps you get more out of anal beads then go for it. Anal beads are a completely personal experience, and everyone likes and dislikes different parts. The only way to know for sure what you’re going to feel is to pick up your own set and give it a try!