Black Silicone Dog Tail Butt Plug 11 Inches Long


Enjoy your pup's wiggling tail as he/she crawls toward your feet while wearing this Black Silicone Dog Tail Butt Plug 11 Inches Long! The slender, comfortable anal toy is ideal for plugging up your lover's ass, as it brings out his/her animalistic side. No need to imagine your lover as an animal, as the tail will give that look. Furthermore, the Black Silicone Dog Tail Butt Plug is perfect for enhancing your pet play scenarios.

Conversely, you can turn it around when your pet is acting in REALLY, REALLY bad! This will be enough to punish or tease your pet as the tail brushes between his/her legs. The tail can stimulate your pup's sex drive, making him/her beg for your love. The sleek and seamless tapered end of the plug allows for comfortable insertion. This size is ideal for puppies who can't handle massive toys in their asses.

Meanwhile, the boat-shaped base - where the tail is attached - prevents the plug from sliding fully into your dog's anus. Hence, your pet can do different sexual stunts while wearing it inside his/her ass.

Durable and flexible, our Black Silicone Dog Tail Butt Plug follows your pup's natural contours of his/her love tunnel. This enables your pooch to do stances, which you think are impossible to do while wearing the plug. Additionally, it gives way to greater sexual pleasure.

The Silicone Dog Tail Butt Plug can be used with water-based or silicone lube for easier penetration and added sexual pleasure. Just be sure to clean it with warm water and mild soap before stuffing it up your pet's ass.

So...why buy a pet dog when you can turn your lover into a seductive canine with this Black Silicone Dog Tail Butt Plug 11 Inches Long? With this anal toy, your pet will groan with pleasure!

Color Black
Type Tail Plug

Handle: Silicone

Plug: Silicone



handle: 8.27 in.

plug: 2.91 in.



plug: 1.38 in.