Cute Bunny Anal Bead Tail
Cute Bunny Anal Bead Tail
Cute Bunny Anal Bead Tail
Cute Bunny Anal Bead Tail
Cute Bunny Anal Bead Tail
Cute Bunny Anal Bead Tail
Cute Bunny Anal Bead Tail
Cute Bunny Anal Bead Tail
Cute Bunny Anal Bead Tail

 Rabbit costumes are timeless; they do not go out of style whatever the occasions and years are. You can use the bunny ears and mittens during Easter, Halloween, and even Christmas! But if you're wearing dresses to impersonate a creature, you might as well push yourself harder to mimic it.

Use the Cute Bunny Anal Bead Tail that serves not just a filler to the costume but also as a sex toy to indulge yourself in pleasure! This tool penetrates your butt to give a stimulating effect and raise your libido to the highest.

The material used is high-quality silicone, making it perfect for adult toys. Its soft and slick textures allow its pain-free and smooth insertion to the butthole and ensure the safety of the delicate skin.

The device comes two different designs, and each design comes in two different pastel colors - pink and purple. The large-headed design has a bullet-shaped head with two rings on it and two beads along with the member after.

The small-headed one has a relatively smaller glans-shaped head with ribs after it and a flat portion followed by a short series of ridges. Both variants have cute artificial fur at the base, which matches the color of the silicone part and serves as the handle of the mechanism. All designs and colors are suitable both for experienced users and newbies to intimacy toys.

You can wear the filler so smoothly. Grease your asshole and the member of the tool with a generous amount of water-based lubricant. Slowly and gently, put it through your hole and stroke it in and out of it.

Push it forward and backward, twist it clockwise and then counterclockwise, sit on it - do whatever you want to feel the pleasure. Once you're going to explode, pull out the beads from your butthole while you're jizzing your load to create a fascinating fountain all over your place. Rapturous!

After reaching the climax, rest for a little while, clean the place, and the sex paraphernalia. Wash both the silicone and fur parts with warm water and mild soap. Air-dry it after, then disinfect the member with an alcohol-damped cloth. Store the tool in your box, then reuse it when necessary.

It's a complete package with the Cute Bunny Anal Bead Tail! Get this now and add it to your cart!

Color Pink, Purple
Material Beads: Silicone
Handle: Artificial Fur
Total Length: 7.67 inches (19.50 cm)
Insertable length: 5.12 inches (13 cm)
Handle: 3.19 inches (8.10 cm)
Large-Headed Bead: 1.02 inch (2.6 cm
Small-Headed Bead: 0.83 inch (2.1 cm)


Cute Bunny Anal Bead Tail

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