Well-Trained Daddy's Little Girl Collar
Well-Trained Daddy's Little Girl Collar

Get kinky with your pretty little girl, and make her look cute as always. Being the Big Daddy, you should give what she deserves. Wrap our Well-Trained Daddy's Little Girl Collar around her neck to make her feel she's special and pampered.

Spank her when she's naughty and ask her to do whatever pleases you. Pamper your little girl, but don't allow her to go against your will. This collar will make your job as a Daddy easy as it will remind her to behave well whether you are around or not.

The transparent strap makes use of high-quality PVC. It's durable and sturdy, and, unlike its leather counterpart, it won't crack. It's also better than laces, as it's much easier to clean. This super-cool collar comes with golden letter pendants, all caps, that read YES SIR. It is designed with a buckle closure to secure it in place. Featuring three D-rings where you can attach a leash, a padlock, and other accessories, your play with little missy will be much more fun! As you can see, several punch holes allow adjustability for a snug fit.

Playtime with your little girl will never be complete without a collar that will remind her of who you are. "Oh sir, make it faster, please!" is music to your ears, and the collar on her neck is a sight to behold.

Though it can last long, this collar also needs aftercare. All you have to do is wipe the strap and its hardware with a damp cloth soaked in soapy water. Doing so will remove accumulated dust and sweat on its surface, and it will keep it smelling fresh all the time. Tell your missy to do the cleanup task because Daddy is also busy with other affairs.

Buy this extraordinary collar today, and we'll ensure fast and discreet shipping!

Color Strap - Transparent
Hardware - Golden
Material Strap - PVC
Hardware - Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: 11.81 inches-15.75 inches
Width/Diameter: Adjustable


Well-Trained Daddy's Little Girl Collar

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