Pretty in Pink Permanent Locking Collar
Pretty in Pink Permanent Locking Collar
Pretty in Pink Permanent Locking Collar
Pretty in Pink Permanent Locking Collar

You are this maniac when it comes to bed—the adventurous, kinky, and wild one. Your girlfriend is the typical woman who's into partnership more than sex in a relationship—a total opposite of you. Yes, she's the wife material, in the long run, but you're only human—you're lustful, too, and you have your needs as a man.

Convince her into playing it rough, at least while you are both still young. Show your woman who's the boss as early as now, before you tie the knot, and bestow her the Pretty in Pink Permanent Locking Collar to show your dominance!

This collar is an accessory that will amp up your dull, bland sex and will transform it into an oddly satisfying, out-of-this-world one.

The collar is made of high-class synthetic leather. The strap is adjustable, so don't worry about it getting very tight or very loose on your woman's neck. It also features stainless steel chains and a hook on it. You can attach a leash on it to control your woman during your play or extend the chain by hooking another heavier chain on it. It comes in a feminine color, pink, which she wouldn't resist for sure.

Essentially, this sex outfit is used for BDSM plays, so make sure to communicate with her before executing any actions. Present the limitations of your foreplay. Assign safe words that she can utter once you get too rough on her. If she agrees with it, then you can go ahead and proceed with your wild game! Spank her, choke her, fuck her until you can, and until you both reach orgasm!

Always after use, clean the collar with a sex toy cleaner. Wipe its surfaces with a clean cloth, then make sure it's dry before keeping it in your storage box.

Fulfill your needs as a man by incorporating and executing kinky actions in your sex life while you are young. Get the Pretty in Pink Permanent Locking Collar and zest up your ordinary bedtime story into an action-packed one! Grab this piece now!


Collar: Pink
Chains: Silver
Collar: Synthetic Leather
Chains: Metal
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A


Pretty in Pink Permanent Locking Collar

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