Heavy Duty Dual Chain Iron Collar
Heavy Duty Dual Chain Iron Collar
Heavy Duty Dual Chain Iron Collar
Heavy Duty Dual Chain Iron Collar

Do you like to ride your pet wild and hard? Then what you need is an accessory that can stay intact no matter how crazy your pet play gets. With this Heavy Duty Dual Chain Iron Collar, there's no holding back as you enjoy dominance while tugging your pet's collar.

Imagine your pet whining so loud as you penetrate her from behind and destroy her love hole relentlessly. You haven't given her permission to cum yet, but you know you're about to get there. Just when you're about to explode, your pet's collar broke, and she snapped out of her role. How frustrating can that be? You can't enjoy your pet play at its fullest if there's a flimsy accessory holding you back. So, it's better to get a collar that can stand your level of play all night long. Our Heavy Duty Dual Chain Iron Collar features not just one but two layers of chains for extra strength and durability. The circumference is highly adjustable, so it fits most neck sizes.

Furthermore, this dual chain collar also looks fashionable, so it not only makes a durable collar but a trendy neck accessory too. There's a ring at the front where you can attach a dog chain or rope for more spunk during pet play. Alternatively, you can make your pet wear this during the day and hang a pendant or two to make it look more discreet. Get your pet deeper into the role by making her wear a pair of cat ears and a cat tail plug of your choice. However, it will be best to have a safe word, as things can get too rowdy that someone can get hurt. Keep this collar as good as new by keeping it away from wetness and moisture.

Enjoy pet play and carnal pleasure to its fullest by using collars that can keep up with you. Add this to your cart now!

Color Silver
Material Iron Alloy
Dimension Length: 11.81 inches to 15.75 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A


Heavy Duty Dual Chain Iron Collar

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