Two Tone PVC Dog Collars for Women
Two Tone PVC Dog Collars for Women
Two Tone PVC Dog Collars for Women

If you're so into your partner that you can barely breathe and that all you want to do is to fall in deep, then submit to him until he dominates you completely. And the best way to show it? Be his bitch, wear a collar and hand him the leash!

Wearing a collar is a symbol of your lifelong devotion to your partner, like a wedding ring, but this one is for your neck. Feel like you're getting squeezed to get the last drop of your trust and loyalty to your partner with the Two Tone PVC Dog Collars for Women! It is a stylish collar that you can wrap around your neck to show your man how much you're willing to submit to him.

It uses a transparent, high-quality PVC on the strap, a material that's safe to use on the sensitive, thin skin covering the neck area. It also comes with a nylon leash attached to a D-ring on the strap. The collar comes with snap buttons on its ends, making it adjustable and conforming to your neck diameter.

If you plan to use it for foreplays, make sure that your partner understands its meaning. If he agrees with your choice to be the slave, and him being the master, then it would be fantastic! All you have to do now is to execute the play. Act like a dog without something to chew on, waiting for his boner to feed you! Oh, so hot!

You can use the collar as an outfit, too. You can partner it with your favorite dresses or even simple blouses and make them posh and punky. Make sure to detach the leash if you are using it for fashion. And when you're through using it, clean it by applying a cleaner on its surface. That'll do the trick to maintain its shine.

Play a little bit dangerous if you're into your man. Start by using the Two Tone PVC Dog Collars for Women! Grab this piece now!

Color Clear
Material PVC
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: Adjustable

Two Tone PVC Dog Collars for Women

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