Total Control Iron Slave Collar
Total Control Iron Slave Collar
Total Control Iron Slave Collar
Total Control Iron Slave Collar
Total Control Iron Slave Collar
Total Control Iron Slave Collar

It's Saturday night, and Saturday is your play day with your sub. But you have lots of things to do, and she misses you badly because this is the only day you can play.

To grab your attention, she tried some gestures that would make you drop all the things you do so you could focus on her. Admittedly, you were having a hard time focusing on your work because of what she did. You tried to put her in the cage, but she didn't stop. She looked at you with lust, which turned you on. So you had no choice but to stop what you were doing and give her what she wanted.

But wait, you're the Dom in your relationship, so it should be you who should be in control. And to remind your sub who the boss is, you should get this Total Control Iron Slave Collar! This wicked metal choker with a leash is all you need to put her in her position.

The collar features a stainless steel necklace with a detachable leather leash. The chain has a lobster clasp to ensure it doesn't fall off during the play. It also has an O-ring that serves as a pendant and as a loop to attach the leash.

Meanwhile, the leash has a clasp, enabling you to attach it to the collar. The leather strap is on the other end, so you can walk your sub around the house while you're in a pet mode. You can use it to smack her voluptuous ass if she's a bad dog. Regardless of how you want to use it on your sub, it will surely spice up your nights.

When putting this on—or any bondage tool for that matter—your partner needs to be in the zone. Meaning, she should be ready to be treated as a pet. Furthermore, use some safewords so that you know when to stop. After all, the play should not only be fun for the Owners but for pets too.

Discipline your pet in a kinky way with this Total Control Iron Slave Collar around your neck. Get yours now!

Color Collar – Silver
Leash – Black
Material Chain – Stainless Steel
Leash – PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Collar – 54.17 inches (1376 mm)
Leash – 40.39 inches (1026 mm)
Collar - 27.64 inches (702 mm)

Total Control Iron Slave Collar

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