Three-Way Restraint Slave Collar
Three-Way Restraint Slave Collar
Three-Way Restraint Slave Collar
Three-Way Restraint Slave Collar

Sexy lingerie, lacy underwear, and porn—all these don't arouse you anymore. You can't deny the monotony in your bedroom, and it's getting you bored. For the nth time, you long for a heart-pounding adventure with your partner.

You are sick and tired of what you've repeatedly been doing, so it's high time you brought in toys and props for an exhilarating sex play. Try our Three-Way Restraint Slave Collar, and you'll both enjoy the experience!

In the world of BDSM, a dominant straps a collar around his slave's neck to signify their Dom/sub relationship. But you don't have to be a BDSM kinkster to enjoy what this collar has to offer, and the fun part of it all is that you can switch roles to experience how it feels to dominate and be dominated. This collar with handcuffs will change the dynamics of your intimate moments for a good reason.

Using bondage and restraint during foreplay heightens not only arousal but also trust and intimacy. If there's one thing to learn from BDSM, that is to make "torture" consensual and safe. So before putting this on your partner, communicate and negotiate. A collar like this with chains and handcuffs looks intimidating, but rest assured that they don't have sharp edges that could inflict pain.

Wrap the PU leather collar around your partner's neck and bind her hands with the handcuff. Put a blindfold over her eyes and start stimulating her erogenous parts. With her hands tied and her eyes covered, the sensations feel more intense.

The collar and the cuffs are adjustable, so they will surely fit whoever wears them. There's a D-ring on the front where the chains are attached. It will also accommodate a leash if you wish to use one. The metal buckles will ensure the straps are in place and that there's no escape for your slave.

Let our Three-Way Restraint Slave Collar bring thrill into the scene. Buy now!

Color/Type Black and Silver
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: Adjustable

Three-Way Restraint Slave Collar

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