Stretchable Girly Public Collar
Stretchable Girly Public Collar
Stretchable Girly Public Collar
Stretchable Girly Public Collar

You’ve been making out with your girl for quite some time now. You love to be with each other. You go on dates, hang out, and even spend nights together. It’s how your relationship works. However, deep down in your heart, you want something more. You want to own her so that guys wouldn’t dare to ask her out. But you don’t know how to ask her, knowing the type of relationship you both have.

Here’s a way to tell your lady what you want: give her this Stretchable Girly Public Collar! This choker looks so trendy and cute, making it easier for you to say that you want her to be your sub.

Available in two chic designs, each collar has a lace strap that goes around the wearer’s neck. Towards the ends of this neckband are a lobster clasp and a metal chain. These features ensure that the collar doesn’t fall off once you put it around her neck. They also provide comfort for the wearer since they allow you to adjust its tightness.

At the center of these neckpieces is a rhinestone pendant. This precious gem adds elegance to this accessory, making it the perfect collar to wear for events or even just simple gatherings.

Enough with the features, and let’s talk about how you’re going to ask your girl to be your long-term sub. Of course, you need to ask her if she wants to take your relationship to the next level and if she’s into kinky play. Talk about the kind of D/S partnership you want to have with her and the safe words you’re going to use in bed. Once you’ve set the rules, put it around her neck, and she’s all yours! No Doms would dare to get her, and you can do whatever you want with her, as long as it pleases you.

So be brave enough to ask your lady to be your sub, and get this Stretchable Girly Public Collar now! You’d be glad you did.

Color Black
Material Strap – Lace
Pendant – Rhinestone
Dimension Length: 11.81-14.96 inches (adjustable range)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Stretchable Girly Public Collar

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