Shackled and Tortured Fetish Collar
Shackled and Tortured Fetish Collar
Shackled and Tortured Fetish Collar

Trying out BDSM play needs mutual consent between two parties—you and your partner. It all starts with setting boundaries, limits, and rules on what and what not to do. If the play goes extreme, a trigger, i.e., a safeword or a gesture, is necessary to refrain your partner from overdoing the action. These are the basic rules of wild and kinky plays.

Once you set the guidelines, you can now choose the equipment and tools to execute the play. If you're planning the Sadist-Masochism game, you have to have the restricting tools for the bottom so the top can do all the spanking, whipping, and all forms of punishment.

The Shackled and Tortured Fetish Collar is a great accessory to start your BDSM journey. Here are the reasons why:

This sex toy is a set of collar and handcuffs—the perfect combination of restricting devices to limit the sub's movements during the play. It uses soft cloth embroidered with red flowers on its straps and a nylon leash to attach the cuffs to the collar.

The wrist straps are adjustable using the buckle attached to them. The neck strap adjusts based on the movement of the hands and wrists. The farther you stretch your hands, the tighter the collar's fit gets, and the more you will get choked by it. With the materials used in this product, the sub will get the comfort she needs as she gets punished by the Dom. How ironic—the bottom feels comfortable while being hurt by the top. Now that's one hell of a roller coaster of emotions and sensations while tied up and being spanked by your partner!

Spice up your play by adding other equipment, too, e.g., sex swings, whipped cream, sex machines, or whatever it is that will please both of you. But for now, it's essential to start with the fundamental tools—the cuffs and the collar. The Shackled and Tortured Fetish Collar is a 2-in-1 product, so grab this item now!

Color Black with Red Floral Print
Material Cloth
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A


Shackled and Tortured Fetish Collar

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