Resin Chain Dog Collar Choker Necklace
Resin Chain Dog Collar Choker Necklace

It matters to choose the right collar to use. Whether you want to shout to the world that you're a sub or a slave, you must consider how you will carry it on your neck.

If it's too loose, it'll just sway as you stride; and if it's too tight, you might get choke anytime. If it's too sheer, it defeats the purpose of wearing one; and if it's too heavy, it will be uncomfortable to wear it for long.

Is your velvet choker too light that you can barely feel you're wearing one? How about the metal collar given by your dom—does it cause strain on your neck?

Choose the collar that's comfortable to use and is stylish when paired with whatever clothing you dress. The Resin Chain Dog Collar Choker Necklace will beautify your slender neck while showing to the world that you're that slutty bitch to your master!

This collar uses high-quality acrylic resin as its material. It's a link of oblong rings that encloses your neck so everyone would know that you're the sub in your relationship with your man. As it uses a safe material, you're sure that it won't harm your neck's sensitive, thin skin. At the ends of the link lie the O- and D-rings that serve as the locking and hooking mechanism of the collar to ensure that it's secure to wear.

Pair it with your black shirt, and you're a punk star; attach a chain to it, and you're a porn star! There are many ways to use it. Wear it on a regular day as a match to your outfit, or use it with your bare body during special occasions to surprise your partner—the choice is yours on how you would want to use it. But, remember the true meaning of your collar: it's a sign that you need to respect and serve and be loyal to your master!

It's not enough to grab any collar available out there. You have to choose one that is comfortable too. And that is why Resin Chain Dog Collar Choker Necklace is here. Grab this stunning piece now!

Color Clear
Material Acrylic Resin
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Resin Chain Dog Collar Choker Necklace

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