Clear Pink Vibrating Anal Toy
Clear Pink Vibrating Anal Toy
Clear Pink Vibrating Anal Toy
Clear Pink Vibrating Anal Toy

If you are feeling a little cute and subtle, then you must go for our Clear Pink Vibrating Anal Toy. Don't be deceived by its look because it can do so much more than just being cute.

We used medical-grade silicone to produce this super safe and free-from-toxic-odor anal toy to provide you with the best experience. It's soft and best complemented with a good lubricant for a wonderful experience. It has a ribbed design so you can feel every inch of it as you push it into your anus. It's an orgasmic feeling as you take control of its thrust and maneuver where it hits. Its length of 2.87 inches with a 0.98-inch diameter is a perfect size that will suit your personality.

It's all about how you control and maneuver this anal toy until you reach your peak or pleasure. Having some alone time is a form of self-love. With the help of our Pink Vibrating Anal Toy, you get to know your body and yourself more.

Our Clear Vibrating Anal Toy does not stop to be amazing despite its size. It is battery-operated to give you a satisfying vibration as you take full control of your pleasure. Additionally, this marvelous device is 100% waterproof. Do you know what we're thinking? Yes, lots of orgasmic warm shower! It's a great way to end your day after long tiring hours of being out and about.

Make sure to clean your Vibrating Anal Toy before and after each use. Soaking it with warm water and antibacterial soap will do the trick. Also, because of its size, you can take it with you anywhere you go until your next use.

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Color Pink
Type Anal Vibrator

Handle: TPR

Plug: TPR



handle: N/A

plug: 2.75 inches


handle: N/A

plug: 0.98 inches


Clear Pink Vibrating Anal Toy

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