Submissive Day Collar Jewelry

Why is there such a thing as a submissive day collar?

Well, for some BDSM enthusiasts, full and utter submission doesn't end in the sex dungeon. A sub can be bold in upholding her submissive duties as she goes outside. To cut it short, this accessory's primary role is to showcase how the Dom and Sub take the BDSM commitment seriously. Always remember, BDSM relationships are more than just role-playing. It is a lifestyle.

If you are curious about BDSM Collaring, they exhibit four different types depending on the commitment level. First are the protection collars that stand as reminders that the wearer is under a dom's wings.

A sub would then pass through consideration and training collars as the relationship levels-up. With these pieces, the sub is expected to decide to go all-out or go home. They also serve as the beginning of the submissive day collaring. The last one is formal collars that signal the sub's long-term commitment to the dom and vice versa.

For outside-the-sex-dungeon collaring finds, feel free to browse through our Submissive Day Collar Jewelry.

In this selection, you will find collars that look subtle or straightforward depending on you and your sub's preference for kink. Some pieces mask the submissive role with charming ensembles for protection purposes. Because, of course, not all people in the society deem the BDSM dynamics acceptable.

You may find this variety consisting of sleek, stylish, and even sophisticated features. On the contrary, there are pieces in this selection that stand loud and proud, bearing fetish words and designs. There may be judgments from non-kinksters once your sub dons these pieces, but who cares? Your lifestyle, your rule!

These pieces of jewelry are of different base materials. You can get synthetic leather and zinc or iron alloy finds. Whichever you choose will give you premium qualities that make these collars stand the test of time.

Not only do they possess reliability in terms of sturdiness but also in skin-friendliness. You can rest assured that all embellishments in these pieces are hypoallergenic, so your sub's skin will always be free from irritations.

Most of the stunning finds in this collection are gold-plated and in sterling silver. The leather types are varicolored so that you can match the collar to your sub's edgy look and personality. Some have rhinestones paved on their base materials' surface, while others bear spikes, metallic shapes, and lettering tags.

As for the best feature you will find in these pieces, you can expect most of them to offer full adjustability. All because it is essential for the sub to feel confident and comfortable with what she wears. For easy peasy adjustment, most of the metallic jewelry-inspired collars in this selection have added chains.

All that needs to be done is to find the best fit, and your sub is ready to seize the day! On the other hand, the leather ones are made adjustable with metal rivets and eyelets for a more secured and tight-fitting.

Showcase your sub's full commitment to your relationship by asking her to don the pieces in our Submissive Day Collar Jewelry. Start collecting today!

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