Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound
Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound
Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound

Luxury is one thing that most people can’t indulge themselves in because it’s usually expensive. But with our Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound, luxurious sensations become achievable and best of all, unlimited!

If you’re a sounding expert, then this one is made for you. A textured Van Buren urethral sound, it’s sure to guarantee rare and rich sensations that very few dare to have. The slight J-bend is suitable for the natural contour of the urethra, but it is this bend that makes it challenging because when you get an erection, pain is also guaranteed. Many dominatrices love this bend because they can enjoy power play by simply deciding whether or not you’ll have an erection. If you don’t want to feel any pain, do your best not to go hard no matter what; otherwise, you’ll have to face the painful consequence and wait for your penis to become flaccid to get this lengthy rod removed.

But why fear pain when it magnifies pleasure? Welcome and embrace it, for, in return, you’ll be rewarded with incredibly delightful tingles that ripple throughout your body. Almost 11 inches in length, this urethral sound will give you the rare opportunity to stimulate your bladder and your prostate. The wonderful sensations are just beyond words to describe.

The hook ensures that the sound won’t slip any further. It’s also used to hold the ring in place. Meanwhile, use one of the interchangeable cock rings to enhance pleasure.

Sounding isn’t just for people engaged in BDSM as it’s also enjoyed by men you see on the road. And since you’re an advanced player in this field, you probably know that, and I bet you enjoy sounding in your solo times.

Reinvent pleasure by giving it a little dash of pain to intensify the sensations. Our Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound is just a click away. Hit that button now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Urethral Sound with cock ring
Dimension (inches)
Length: 10.83”
Width: 0.35”


Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound

  • $49.00
    Unit price per 
  • $75.00

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