Hollow Urethral Dilator Stainless Steel Sound

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Has masturbation become so dull and even when you end up in orgasm, you don’t feel fully satisfied? This nagging feeling of something lacking after every climax just makes life less enjoyable.

Meet Hollow Urethral Dilator Stainless Steel Sound, a urethral toy designed to scratch your itch for full carnal gratification. Crafted meticulously with beads and bumps, it has three sections intended to enrich the sensations. It begins with a tapered end followed by a dip, then rises again for a second raised section, then dips again right before three beads of the same size. And since this one is textured, it is made for the experienced urethral players wanting to dilate their urethras further while enjoying the intensified titillations.

The ring at the base prevents the rod from travelling where it shouldn’t be. It’s the one that you can hold when you want to rotate or glide the rod in and out. Besides safety and convenience, this ring does more than what you think. Let it dangle right under your cock and your partner will see it as a manly accessory.

The sheen of this sound is an indication that it is made of premium stainless steel, a rust-resistant metal that is used to manufacture surgical equipment. Its widespread use in hospitals comes from the fact that it’s non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and phthalates-free. Adding to that, this metal is non-porous, making it impossible for bacteria to breed. Another great feature of stainless steel is its resistance to extreme heat, which means you can sterilize it as often as needed without altering its shape.

If luxurious sensations ending in powerful orgasms are what you long for, this beaded sound will never disappoint. Once inserted in your urethra, all the stimulations are magnified. Give your cock a light hand job, and you’ll have an orgasm from inside out.

Stop mulling! The best decision you can make today is to buy this gorgeous cum-thru sound. 

Color Silver
Material Stainless steel
Type Hollow Beaded Sound
Dimension (inches)
Length: 4.72 inches
Width: 0.43”, 0.28”(hole)