Vibrating Smooth Silicone Penis Plug
Vibrating Smooth Silicone Penis Plug
Vibrating Smooth Silicone Penis Plug
Vibrating Smooth Silicone Penis Plug
Vibrating Smooth Silicone Penis Plug

Sex is an exhilarating, heart-pounding, and cum-exploding activity. But if the act becomes a habit, reaching a climax can be hard.

Well, you can spice your sexual routines and make yourself or your lover satisfied by getting our Vibrating Smooth Silicone Penis Plug! It is not just a mere piece of accessory for your cock nor just a sex toy. It is a tool that can enhance your member's sensitivity. Once inserted, it will hit the nerve endings of your penis, enabling you to feel every magnified touch and kiss that your partner makes on your manhood. Hence, it quickly makes your dick erect.

Our Vibrating Smooth Silicone Penis Plug can also help improve your ejaculation. The vibrating feature of this cock stuffing acts as a massager of your urethra, which hits all your erotic spots, leading to better orgasms. This stylish penis plug is ideal for those who want to know how it feels like having a plug in their manhood. Since it's entirely made of silicone, it follows your penis' natural contour. Additionally, this medical-grade silicone structure is body-safe. It's non-toxic, phthalate-free, and hypoallergenic; hence, preventing any skin or reproductive health issues.

It's also shorter than other urethral sounding tools as it's only 4.53 inches long. Nonetheless, it can give you a kind of urethral stimulation you have never felt before.

This penis plug is available in two colors: pink and black. These variants have the same length, but they differ in width. This way, you can choose a plug that fits your urethra perfectly.

Our Vibrating Smooth Silicone Penis Plug is sure to level up your sex life. Get this amazing product now and have a mind-blowing satisfaction in your life!

Color Pink, Black
Material Silicone
Type Vibrating Penis Plugs
Dimension (inches)
Length: 4.53 in.
Width: S – 0.22 in.


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Vibrating Smooth Silicone Penis Plug

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