Glass Beads Urethral Sounds
Glass Beads Urethral Sounds
Glass Beads Urethral Sounds
Glass Beads Urethral Sounds
Glass Beads Urethral Sounds

Savor the most enchanting sensations and be captivated by a luxurious pleasure with Glass Beads Urethral Sounds.

It’s made available in different diameters, which range from 0.16 inch to 0.47 inch, to ensure a variety of needs and experience levels of urethral players covered. With 9.84 inches in length, it’s ideal for courageous men who dare to explore the depths and have the rare chance of stimulating their bladder.

Strung together by a nylon thread, these transparent beads are made of first-grade glass that doesn’t break easily, especially when appropriately handled and used for the intended purpose. These spheres bring magical sensations when they are pulled out gently, one by one right before you climax. But before reaching the climactic brink, let these charming beads massage your urethral walls and stimulate your P-Spot as the sound travels to and from your bladder. With these spots getting the right stimulation, I bet you’ll have waves of powerful orgasms with the need to squirt being delayed.

We always associate orgasm with semen secretion. This is true, but with delayed ejaculation, there’s a greater chance to experience multiple orgasms and more explosive, sublime climax.

Putting these glass balls in your urethra won’t cause any harm because they are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and phthalates-free. So, feel free to pop in each bead for a worry-free, unrivaled prostate and bladder stimulation. Just don’t forget to wash your urethral sound in warm, soapy water right before or after each use to ensure that no bacteria will ever find its way into your urinary system.

This product is sold per piece or as a set. If you appreciate a burst of magical sensations and waves of pleasure that seem endless, then buy the Glass Beads Urethral Sounds now!

Color Transparent
Material Glass
Type Beaded Urethral Sound
Dimension (inches)
Length: 9.84 inches
Width: 0.16”, 0.24”, 0.31”, 0.39”, 0.47”


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Glass Beads Urethral Sounds

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