Hollow Silicone and Steel Catheter Urethral Sound

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When solo time or sex with your partner has become less exciting, it’s time to make some changes in your kinky game by incorporating a sex toy that will guarantee a harder erection that can go the distance.

Not only does it harden, but the Hollow Silicone and Steel Catheter Urethral Sound also promises magnified sensations that will render a breathtaking climax. Let’s take a look at the great features of this penis plug. It has a length of 3.15”, a maximum width of 0.31” from the part of the stainless-steel tip, and a width 0.23” throughout the silicone shaft. The tapered tip allows for easy insertion while the hollow design makes extended wear possible. All you have to do is take off the penis ring holder to let pee or semen flow through.

This cum-thru penis plug is armed with a stainless-steel penis ring to maximize your enjoyment. The penis ring is meant to congest blood in your penis so that it will become bigger and harder. With your cock being gripped with this metal ring, ejaculation will be delayed for a much longer-lasting play with a guaranteed full blast orgasm. Experience fireworks during ejaculation because it’s going to be phenomenal!

The construction of this cock-stuffing combines silicone and stainless steel, two prime materials used in hospitals, and favorites of sex toy lovers because they share the same qualities. Experts consider them hypoallergenic, non-toxic, phthalate-free, and non-porous.

If pure pleasure is what you seek, our Hollow Silicone and Steel Catheter Urethral Sound will deliver the titillating stimulation that you desire to boost your sexual adventures. Take delight in your boner and enjoy every sexy time you have with this penis stuffing device by staying away from infections.

Play with this sex toy with three phrases in mind: ensure hygiene, keep it slippery, and be gentle.

Spice up your self-lovin’ time or make your damsel satisfied and happy with this fantastic penis plug. Feel good about your manhood by purchasing one today!

Color White and Silver
Material Silicone + Stainless Steel
Type Hollow penis plugs, Penis plugs with rings
Dimension (inches)
Length: 3.15 inches
Width: 0.24 inch