Super Short Hollow Penis Plugs
Super Short Hollow Penis Plugs
Super Short Hollow Penis Plugs
Super Short Hollow Penis Plugs
Super Short Hollow Penis Plugs
Super Short Hollow Penis Plugs

You know exactly what your chap is for, and if there's one department you're great at, that would be filling a pussy and drilling an ass. You thrust it and move it in and out until it explodes with cum. But have you ever wondered how it feels like to get penetrated? We don't mean your ass. We're referring to your penis.

Notice that little hole where urine or thick seminal fluid comes out? That, too, is a pleasure tunnel filled with nerve endings. When these nerves are stimulated, you'll be euphoric as you get loaded with fresh and wonderful sensations. So start your urethral exploration with our Super Short Hollow Penis Plugs. Neither long nor thick, it's perfect for newbies. And to give you options, it's made available in three diameters.

This screw-in penis plug may be short, but its ribbed surface makes intense stimulation. Bury it in your tunnel, then twist to feel the spirals. Its cum-thru hole allows extended wear as you can freely pee and ejaculate through it with ease. It's a great sex tool when you want your package to look ready for action all the time.

It's tapered at the tip and widens gradually as it goes deeper into your tunnel. On the other end is a ball stopper, which gives you an easier time to work it in your urethra. Unscrew this when it's time to cum!

Your tiny hole doesn't self lubricate, so we recommend that you ease the insertion with water-based lube. Stainless steel is smooth, and it will glide like silk when lubricated. Take your time when burying it deep. Douse it with vodka or 70% alcohol right before and after use to keep it safe for internal use.

Start your adventurous urethral play when you add this to your cart now!  

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Large: 1.50 inches (38 mm)
Medium: 1.38 inches (35 mm)
Small:1.34 inches (34 mm)
Large:0.39 inches (10 mm), 0.55 inches (14 mm)
Medium: 0.35 inches (9 mm), 0.47 inches (12 mm)
Small: 0.31 inches (8 mm), 0.43 inches (11 mm)


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Super Short Hollow Penis Plugs

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