Solid Beaded Urethral Sound
Solid Beaded Urethral Sound
Solid Beaded Urethral Sound
Solid Beaded Urethral Sound
Solid Beaded Urethral Sound
Solid Beaded Urethral Sound
Solid Beaded Urethral Sound
Solid Beaded Urethral Sound

Solid Beaded Urethral Sound

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Size S - 0.24 inch

Do you want to feel an outrageous release like nothing you’ve ever experienced? This Beaded and Solid Urethral Sound can reach into your deepest senses, leaving you with your mouth wide open!

Urethral play, as a new form of self-gratification, can be very exhilarating, which explains why a lot of people are getting hooked on it. It is normal to crave for more as the level of experience progresses, thus explains the evolution and changes in penis plugs that are being designed and created.

Our Beaded and Solid Urethral Sound is made for players who have mastered the art of urethral sex. It has a total length of 9.45 inches, which is long enough to awaken the untouched senses from the deepest part of your private area. It’s also made of high-grade stainless steel, a material that is very safe for use and will not cause any irritation or unpleasant reaction.

To make it even fancier, the plug is also beaded, specially made to create more friction and texture from the inside to elevate stimulation to its maximum. It comes with three size options according to its diameter. The small one has a diameter of 0.24 inch, the next size up is medium, which measures 0.31 inch wide, and the biggest one measures 0.39 inch in diameter.

Be a smart player, and always put safety first! Thoroughly sanitize the plug before and after each use. Don’t forget to use loads of lubricant, spreading it both on the urethra and the plug. It’s going to be a long journey down, so you need to prepare yourself by relaxing, do some deep breathing exercises before gently sliding the beaded plug. When not in use, keep it in a secure location.

Let this toy tickle you from within and add it to your cart now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Large penis plugs, Stainless steel sounds, Beaded sounds
Dimension (inches)
Length: 9.45 inches
Width: Small: 0.24 inch Medium: 0.31 inch Large: 0.39 inch

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