Stainless Prostate Stimulator Urethral Sound

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Revel in the vibrant sensations of prostate milking with the Stainless Prostate Stimulator Urethral Sound.

Designed for your ultimate pleasure, it features a length of 9.84 inches, which covers the entire length of your urethra and additional inches to reach the P-Spot. The P-Spot is the equivalent of a female's G-Spot, known as the most erogenous zone. Beaded along the bottom and ribbed at the upper part of the shaft, this specially designed urethral sound will deliver sublime and tantalizing erotic sensations.

It features a penis ring that will delay the inevitable so you can prolong the fun time with your cock. This ring is detachable, by the way, and it's made of hypoallergenic silicone. Designed as a Van Buren sound, it has a distinct J-bend, perfect for a BDSM play, where your kind of pleasure depends on the hands of your Dom. If she/he is feeling nasty, she will make you erect while this sound is inserted, making you feel pain and pleasure at the same time.

During your solo time behind closed doors, it's up to you whether you want erection while your sound is inside. Know that this is going to be painful, but if you're going to push the boundaries of your limits, feel free to go hard, then wait until your cock becomes flaccid again for a painless retrieval. For easier insertion, your penis should be completely flaccid.

To give your prostate a stimulating massage, move the sound in an "in and out" motion, and you'll be ecstatic. As you're engaged in this kind of stimulation, rest assured that your urethral tissues are safe because this sound is made of premium stainless steel. Being so, your urethra won't be exposed to irritants and toxins.

Relish the blissful tingles and sensational arousal only from our magnificently designed 9.84" Prostate Stimulator Stainless-Steel Urethral Sound. Hit the "Add to Cart" button now to experience lingering sublime orgasms soon.

Color Silver + Black (ring)
Material Stainless Steel
Type Beaded Urethral Sound
Dimension (inches)
Length: 9.84”
Width: 0.31”