Solid Stainless Beginner Penis Plug
Solid Stainless Beginner Penis Plug
Solid Stainless Beginner Penis Plug
Solid Stainless Beginner Penis Plug
Solid Stainless Beginner Penis Plug

For the untrained eyes, penis plugs may seem overwhelming. Let our Solid Stainless Beginner Penis Plug slide you into this new way of self-gratification.

A lot of male thrill-seekers had succumbed into using different sex toys, and this includes penis plugs. Penis plugs will cause the urethra to become exceptionally sensitive. Our Solid Stainless Beginner Penis Plug, is perfect for beginners who are just exploring the pleasure of urethral sex. This penis plug is made of high-grade stainless steel and is very safe to use. It features a tapered tip for ease of insertion and a wavy, smooth shaft for gentle texture. With a length of 4.06 inches and diameter of 0.31 at its widest point, this will surely help amplify your senses in the urethral area. The tapered tip which will be inserted first is 0.16 inch, indeed, very compatible for novice users. The other tip has a ring connected to it which you can use to secure the plug in place.

Always sanitize the penis plug before and after use. Lube yourself up generously, and apply lubricant on the plug as well. It is also important that you feel relaxed and calm during the session. If you feel tensed or nervous, you will find it hard to insert the plug. By simply tapping the penis gently, the feeling is so amplified you'll achieve an orgasm that is different from the climax felt during sex or normal masturbation. Keep it inside a dry, safe place when not in use.

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Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Solid penis plugs
Dimension (inches)
Length: 5.1 inches
Width: 0.37 inch,  tip - 0.19 inch


Solid Stainless Beginner Penis Plug

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