Beaded Butt Plug | Tower of Beads Suction Cup Butt Plug 7 Inches Long


Experience ripples of delightful sensations with this Tower of Beads Suction Cup Butt Plug 7 Inches Long.

This beaded butt plug brings surprising stimulations from each bead that is popped inside, making it ideal for experienced users. In the anal play, expansion is always desired, and to gratify that insatiable hunger for growing girth, let this tower of beads do the wonders.

Five beads of graduating girth make up this tower. At the top is one with 0.79 inches in diameter, while the one next to the base is a whopping 1.38 inches. With a total length of 7 inches, imagine how far it could navigate inside your ass, enabling you to explore untapped sources of pleasure. The flared base ensures that the toy won’t travel anywhere it shouldn’t be.

The bottom of the base is a suction cup. This allows the toy to be fixed on a smooth surface for a hands-free experience, especially if you’re doing it solo.

Made of premium TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), this butt plug is safe to go up to your ass because it’s hypoallergenic and phthalates-free. Being non-toxic, it gives you a worry-free anal probing so that you can fully enjoy the experience. As it is made of a stretchy material, it is flexible and bendable yet still firm and solid, making it easier to work with.

For the best experience, pair your butt plug with a lubricant that’s of good quality, preferably water-based. Apply a generous amount on the rim of your ass and put some inside using one of your fingers. While doing so, take this moment to tease and excite your bum. When it’s ready, coat your toy with lube, then start inserting.

Then, pull out the beads right before you climax for that burst of mixed sensations. This will give you a memorable orgasm that will always make you come for more.

Give yourself what you truly deserve. Buy the Tower of Beads Suction Cup Butt Plug 7 Inches Long now!

Color Black, Brown, Flesh
Type Butt Plug
Material TPE


handle: N/A

plug: 6.10 inches (overall length: 7.09 inches)


handle: 2.95 inches

plug: 0.79 inches, 1.06 inches, 1.22 inches, 1.30 inches, 1.38 inches