Hollow / Tunnel Butt Plugs

Open things up for more fun and look inside with a tunnel butt plug. When inserted, they open your ass so the inside is visible and can be touched and stimulated. Ideal for anal gape fetishes, our hollow butt plugs pair perfectly with vibrators, toys, and penises that fit inside the hollow center.

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Hollow Butt Plugs — Everything You Need to Know

Besides dildos, butt plugs are among the most popular sex toys available on the market. There are so many different sizes, designs, and shapes. But if you are looking for something more than a regular butt plug, hollow ones might be something you need as a part of your sex life.

What Is a Hollow Butt Plug?

It seems that the popularity of anal toys is only rising, and you can find so many different and unique designs. One of the rarer types is the hollow or tunnel plug. As you can probably guess already, this isn’t the most common type of this famous sex toy. While the design of the plug is rather similar to the regular one, there is one significant difference — the toy has a hole in the center.

Naturally, as with other toys, there are various models you can choose from, and each will offer something different. The main idea behind the tunnel plug is that they are perfect for everyone who loves anal play. The hole inside the toy allows users to experiment a bit more, and use it for additional stimulation (or to admire the view). It is not rare to find this type of toy with a cap that allows you to close the hole and use it as a regular plug, or to stop anything from coming out.

There are so many exciting ways to use these bad boys. However, since they are hollow, the size is often a bit larger, which means that you will need to get used to wearing a standard plug before you try out these. The toy might not be the best option for beginners and those inexperienced in anal play.

Finally, an anal tunnel plug is also known as a stretcher. They will ensure that anal sphincter will remain expanded and prevent it from closing up during sex.

Types of Hollow Butt Plugs

Picking a perfect toy can be challenging, and tunnel plug is no different. With so many different options available, it might be best to think about what you want before you go to your local sex shop or your favorite website.

The first choice you’ll have to make is regarding materials. A tunnel anal plug is usually made of either silicone or metal. Needless to say, you should choose the material based on your preferences, skill level, and overall experience you are going for.

Silicone is one of the best materials for any type of sex toy. Furthermore, it can be used with most lubricants except the silicone-based ones. Metal, on the other hand, is a lot less forgiving. You won’t be able to get the same level of comfort, and it is one more thing beginners should avoid. Another thing to consider is whether to get porous or non-porous material. The latter, like metal and glass, are easier to clean since there aren’t any micro holes in the surface where bacteria can “hide.”

The next thing on your list is the size. As with other models, you can pick the smaller and larger ones. For any inexperienced user, smaller is always the safest bet. Once you get used to the feeling of the plug, you can increase the size. If you are looking to have a good time, you need to remember that this type of toy is a bit larger than a regular plug. That means that they require some preparation and anal training even if you pick the smallest model.

Furthermore, most types have smooth texture and surface, and this is something you should look for. A textured tunnel anal plug can cause damage to the anal canal and make the whole experience unpleasant.

Pig Hole Butt Plug

One of the most unusual types of tunnel anal toys is the pig-hole type. The company behind this product is the Oxballs, and their toys are high quality and made from body-safe materials.

In essence, this anal sex toy looks somewhat similar to the regular plug. But, there are enough differences to make it worth your attention. The base of this toy is large enough, so you won’t have to worry about losing it by accident. Furthermore, the body of the toy is barrel-shaped, and it gets narrower and narrower as you reach the opening.

The main advantage of the toy is that the opening is a bit slant, which will allow you to insert it into the anus easily. If you want to try the toy by yourself, it is available in five different sizes where the smallest one is 2.1 inches (the largest diameter), and the XXLarge is 3.3 inches.

The material used for the toy is silicone, which means that you can easily clean it, and it has medium firmness. The plug also won’t collapse when standing up, and you can wear it as long as you like.

Using Other Sex Toys With A Hollow Butt Plug

Just wearing an anal toy can be fun. But, the point of tunnel ones is to use them with other sex toys and to allow you to try something that would be impossible otherwise. If you want to use it as a regular plug, there are probably better options. The whole idea behind the tunnels is to increase sexual pleasure and stimulation.

The main quality of a tunnel plug is that you can combine and use them with other toys. Let’s take a look at what you can try.

Dildos or Vibrators

Probably the first thing that came to your mind is insertion. Using a vibrator works incredibly well with a tunnel plug, and it will allow you to add an extra sensation into the anal canal. All you have to do is insert the toy and use a vibrator through the tunnel. Of course, you can start with your fingers or a dildo as well.

For anyone with a lot of experience in anal play, the largest model can be perfect for fisting. The inner diameter of the toy can be quite big. Furthermore, the gadget itself will protect the inner walls of the rectum from friction.

Playing With Fluids

Most hollow anal toys come with a stopper, which makes them perfect for enema play. You can pour any body-safe liquid inside, and use the stopper to keep it inside. Metal toys often have a removable core, which allows them to be used both as a tunnel and a regular plug. Of course, you can always use it without a stopper. However, that might create a mess. Many who are experimenting with diapers love using hollow toys without stoppers to create a more natural experience.

Of course, enema doesn’t have to be the only liquid used during the anal play. Some love adding a tunnel plug for watersports as well. Whatever liquid you decide to use, just be sure that it is body-safe and free from toxins, so you can fully enjoy using the toy while not putting your health at risk.

Admire the View

Some anal toys are transparent, which adds that special something for any anal lover out there. Even if your toy is not see-through, you will still get an excellent view of the gape, and you’ll be able to admire it as much as you like before you continue with your session. If you are one of the people that love seeing a gaping anus, these toys might be a perfect thing for you.

Use Your Imagination

Even though the primary goal of a tunnel plug is anal stretching, they can be so much more. Some people use it even for masturbation. The only limit is your imagination. Whether you enjoy the view, use it with other toys, or experiment with fluids, tunnels can significantly improve the anal play. They offer a variety of options compared to the regular plug if you are willing to experiment.

Can You Have Sex With a Hollow Anal Plug?

Now for the main question that probably a lot of you are wondering about. Can you have sex with a hollow plug? The answer is yes. Of course, the main problem might be the size of the toy compared to the diameter of the penis. For example, the largest Oxballs toy has an internal diameter of 4.78 cm or 1.88 inches. The average penis girth is 4.59 inches or 11.66 cm, which means that you can even use a medium-sized toy for sex.

That is one of the reasons why hollow plugs are so popular in the BDSM community. Finding a toy that has an inner diameter a bit smaller than the dominant’s penis can be thrilling.

Needless to say, some might find the size of the toy problematic and unfitting. Based on the size of the toy, it might be impossible for some to have sex while using a tunnel plug. But in theory, it is possible to try out something like this. If you want to experiment with your partner, be sure to check all the details and measure everything before buying the toy. And of course, use a lot of lube.

For any lover of anal play out there, a hollow plug can provide even more pleasure and satisfaction. Most of these toys look rather similar to the regular plug, but they have a hollow center, which allows users to experiment a bit. They are usually designed for anal stretching, but you can do so much more. One can even work as a prostate massager! And, you can use liquids like enema, toys, or even have sex with a tunnel plug. However, due to the size of this plug, they might not be the best option for people without experience in anal play.
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