Inflatable Butt Plugs

Inflatable Butt Plugs

The butt plug is one of the most popular sex toys and anal accessories that offer hours of naughty fun. However, if you want to level up your anal action and simply take it to the next level, it might be time to consider an inflatable plug.

You can use an inflatable anal plug for anything from training to deep anal stretching and much kinkier activities like gaping, fisting, and extreme insertions. If you’ve ever tried a standard plug, the inflatable variant will beef up your anal skills! Take a look at this guide on inflatable toys to find out more!

What Is An Inflatable Anal Plug?

Firstly, inflatable sex toys are often associated with kinky fetishism and hardcore sex. Likely, a massive inflatable plug could instantly make you think of extreme gaping and submissive anal slaves. Yet, while they are truly fantastic for various kinks, you may not know that expanding anal toys are also incredibly versatile. They are highly effective for gentler types of anus play, masturbation, anal training, and much more. Thus, there is no reason to feel intimidated by them.

So what is an inflatable plug? Essentially, they have the same tapered shape, narrow tip, and flared base as standard ones. However, the difference lies on the inside — these toys are mostly hollow. They are usually crafted out of a soft but thick material like silicone or latex. Their build allows them to get inflated after insertion. That way, they offer you the opportunity to experiment. With one of these, you can try a variety of girths and stretching sizes. That is not possible with a standard plug.

Overall, their ability to grow larger and shrink makes them a perfect fit for anus play newbies. But they are also ideal for anal plug fans who are looking for a versatile solution in terms of size. Additionally, the inflating sensation they produce is also unique. Many people love these due to the stimuli they can provide while fully pumped up.

How Does An Inflatable Anal Plug Work?

As mentioned earlier, its hollow interior allows it to swell in size. For this to be possible, the plug contains an attached hand pump or bulb. The bulb connects to it through a hollow tube. Squeezing the hand pump will push the air into the toy. That causes the stretchy material to expand.

Additionally, the hand bulb contains some sort of release mechanism. Usually, it’s a metal valve. It’s attached to the front end of the bulb or tube. This mechanism will allow you to slightly shrink or fully deflate the toy after use. Funnily enough, the mechanism resembles an air mattress that gradually stretches as the toy gets inflated.

What’s more, you can inflate these toys up to any desirable size that doesn’t exceed its limits. Usually, the diameter or the entire surface of the plug can swell up to three times its original size. Many toys can expand in diameter, while others may expand in length as well.

As an example, imagine a standard size of 5 inches (insertable length) and 1.5 inches (diameter). When pumped, it could increase to a length of 6 inches and a diameter of 4.5 inches. Of course, that will depend on the toy’s design, features, and materials. Many other expanding toys like dildos work in the same fashion.

Finally, the swelling of the toy provides unique prostate stimulation. As it expands, it puts pressure on thousands of nerve endings around the anus. It can even stimulate the male prostate and indirectly reach the vaginal wall nerves.

Parts of an Inflatable Plug

As mentioned, these toys consist of the pump, valve, and plug. While most toys use heavy-duty parts, it’s vital to take care of them and use them safely. We’ll explain the role of each part in detail below to show you how to use this type of plug properly.


Apart from the insertable feature, the pumps are the second principal component. When you squeeze it by hand, it pushes air into the toy via the attached rubber tube.

However, you will need to pay close attention while using it because there is no safety mechanism. On average, most plugs will allow you to squeeze the pump around eight times before they get fully inflated. Others may have a higher capacity of 20 times or even more. In any case, you should always keep count of the number of pumps. If you go overboard, the toy could get damaged.

As mentioned, the pump allows you to control the size of the plug. That makes this toy incredibly versatile. If you manage to reach its maximum size and decide that it is not enough for you, simply get a bigger one. That way, you won’t have to worry about your toys getting damaged or harming you in any way.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the air tube of standard inflatable toys is quite useful. It usually has a length of around 20 inches. For solo play, you can conveniently hold it in your hand, and it’s possible to use it from nearly any position. For couples, your partner can also use the tubes and the pumps. For example, they can control the pumps while the anal plug is inside you. That is simply fantastic for hot domination sessions or naughty foreplay!


Like we’ve said before, the valve is another crucial part of this toy. It is essential for safety as it allows you to release the air from the plug. It also lets you lock the airflow and seal the pump. The valve is usually made of metal. It contains a ring that secures an air-tight fit. When you get the toy to the desired size, simply twist the valve to lock the pump.

If you decide to remove the plug or feel any discomfort, turn the valve, and it will release the air. It will then deflate and relieve you of any pressure. For some people, the sensation of the plug deflating during insertion could produce some orgasmic feelings.

Additionally, many inflatable toys are designed with detachable tubes. This configuration allows you to remove the tubes and the pumps. It’s a convenient option because it is easier to store. Plus, it also eases the cleaning and maintenance processes.


As we’ve said before, this toy has a nearly identical anal plug shape compared to standard variants. The primary difference is that expandable models are hollow. They produce different sensations compared to tough skin-like or glass/metal toys.

For the most part, the materials used for expanding ones are latex and silicone. Some could even be made from rubber or jelly. However, medical-grade liquid silicone is generally the safest option. Silicone is most often the ideal material for any anal toy. Due to the hollow design and pump mechanism, it’s quite unlikely that you’ll find one that is made of glass or metal.

And as far as shapes go, inflatable toys are also available in different variants, much like the standard toys. Some can be thin, long, and straight, while others could have an ergonomic shape with an angled tip. As mentioned previously, these toys will also have the same base as a regular anal plug. This base is vital because it ensures that the toy will not get jammed inside of you. Expandable toys usually offer an anchor or a circle-shaped base. You could also find these in extra-large sizes for hardcore insertions.

Vibrating Inflatable Plug

Another option that can take your backdoor adventures even further is a vibrating inflatable anal plug. This is an incredibly intense one because it combines the unusual sensations of an inflated plug with vibration.

Essentially, the build of these toys is the same as a regular expanding plug. However, it is enhanced with an internal vibrating motor and an external remote.

For most products, the remote is attached to the base, just like the air pump. Many of these toys allow you to use a variety of pulsation patterns and modes. Additionally, it can vibrate before and during expansion. Some also come with suction cups for convenient solo play anytime, anywhere. That just adds to its versatility! And for some people who are sensitive and have never tried an anal vibrator, this type of toy could be an excellent introduction. For some, slight pumps of air can dull the vibrations a bit and make it more manageable. 

Can An Inflatable Plug Burst/Explode/Pop?

Unfortunately, this question may be the first thing that pops into anyone’s mind when they encounter inflatable sex toys. While you should practice safety with all adult toys, inflatable ones have a high risk of damage. That is because their pumping mechanism does not have an automatic stop function. Regardless, inflatable plugs are made of a thick material that ensures some durability. But you can still risk damaging them if you overinflate it.

Fortunately, there are a few safety measures that you can take before using it. First, it’s essential to investigate your toy’s capacity. Read the specs and see how many pumps it can take. As mentioned, that can range from five, eight to even 100 pumps or more. You should always stick to the suggested limit.

Additionally, it’s crucial to inspect and test it by fully inflating it before each use. That will reveal any tears, scratches, or other damage. The most notable spots to watch out for are the seams on the material. What’s more, it’s also critical to inspect the rubber tube, pump, and valve for any damage. Damaged ones will eventually explode, but if they are in mint condition, the chances are that they will not be able to burst while inserted. That is because they will never be able to grow big enough inside your body to actually explode. There are several videos online that show just how much the toys can expand before fully blowing up.

Using an Inflatable Plug for Anal Training

Standard anal toys are widely used for anal training and preparation. You can purchase kits of various sizes and use them for anal stretching. However, inflatable ones can actually be much more effective. They can save you from spending money and space on a whole collection of different plugs and anal training toys. Plus, they can produce a much more natural stretching sensation.

Anal Training With An Inflatable Plug

Any type of butt sex can result in discomfort without proper preparation. For penetration with a penis, strapon, or a big dildo, it’s essential to prepare the sensitive areas of the anus. First, you’ll need to stretch it out. That will eliminate the discomfort that is often linked to butt sex. Furthermore, it will also make the experience much more pleasurable.

Additionally, anal training and stretching can help you to get familiar with the sensitive nerve endings of your sphincter and rectum. On top of that, it’s fantastic foreplay or solo masturbation activity. Asshole training is also a significant part of various BDSM and fetish activities, and it’s also something you can try if you are a fan of those practices.

Try Anal Training With an Inflatable Plug

As mentioned, you can try to practice with various small toys, plugs, beads, and even with your fingers. However, the inflatable plug may be the best option for training, especially if you are trying to prepare for a big cock.

To start, you can insert it without even pumping it up. That will help you to get familiar with the sensation. You can try that several times or during multiple sessions. Then, if you decide that your asshole is ready, simply stretch it out even more by inflating the toy!

You can start with just one pump at first. That will help you relieve some of the tightness of your sphincter. As you move on to two or three pumps, any type of insertion will already feel much smoother and easier. Plus, the pumping sensation will undoubtedly feel like something you’ve never experienced before.

Of course, as always, with any sort of anal play, it’s imperative to use lubricant. If you purchase silicone toys, the best option would be a water-based lubricant. This lubricant is odorless, skin-safe, and toy-safe. It will create a pleasant sensation during insertion and will be easy to clean. Moreover, plenty of lube is essential because it will lower the risk of internal injury.

In the end, after a few pumps and a few sessions, your asshole will most likely be able to handle any cock or dildo size. With proper training, butt-fucking will feel incredibly pleasant, and you will not feel any discomfort. Lastly, if you are a fan of maxed-out gaping, extreme ass stretching, and fisting, you can use an inflatable plug to prepare for all of those activities. Just stay responsible and do not push the toy to its limit.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, our article has shown you what you can do with an inflatable plug for maximum anal pleasure. If you loved some of the ideas we’ve shared in this guide, order your personal inflatable butt plug today, and good luck!

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