Flowing Wild Black and Brown Tail Butt Plug 25 Inches Long


Fulfill your wildest furry fantasies and be like a fox with our Flowing Wild Black and Brown Tail Butt Plug 25 Inches Long. Come and have a role-playing session with your partner and have a game of prey and predator. We have the ideal sex toy for you to become a foxy lady!

Our plug is just right for you with its yellowish-brown and black color combination. This product truly resembles the fox’s tail with its super long length of 25 inches. The tail handle is made of the finest-quality synthetic fur that feels so lush and hairy.

As for the plug itself, it is made of industrial-grade stainless steel, which is guaranteed to be safe for internal use. The plug measures in at 2.76 inches in length and 1.06 inches in width. With the stainless steel plug’s smooth and shiny surface, this makes inserting it into your butt a breeze.

Give in to your senses and use our tail plug with temperature play. Immerse your tail plug in hot water if you prefer it warm. When you like cold toys tickling your butt, then place the tail plug in the refrigerator and get it after a few minutes. You may also enjoy hands-free play with your anal plug because it comes with a flared bottom to make sure that it does not get sucked in by your butt.

First-time users will find that this toy is easy to clean. Boil some water and immerse the plug, and take it out after a few minutes. As for the tail end, wash it just like your hair. Use soap, rinse with water, fluff it dry, and comb it if you want.

Get into some passionate anal sex play by adding our Flowing Wild Black and Brown Tail Butt Plug 25 Inches Long to your cart today!

Color Yellowish Brown, Black
Type Tail Plug

Handle: synthetic fur

Plug: stainless steel



handle: 22.44 inches

plug: 2.76 inches


handle: no width size available

plug: 1.06 inches