Shocking Beaded Bullet Metal Butt Plug 4.53 Inches Long

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Want to experience something electrifying and something that's entirely way out of this world? Our Shocking Beaded Bullet Metal Butt Plug 4.53 inches long is the butt plug that will definitely and even literally shock you.

We at Lovegasm like to take care of our customers and give them a genuine experience, so here's a friendly warning before you proceed to buy this plug.

Refrain from getting this butt plug if the user (whether you or your partner) has a pacemaker, has epilepsy or any neurological disorder, are pregnant, or heart disease. Also, make sure the user does not have metal objects such as jewelry and metallic IUDs before using.

Moreover, this metal plug has a few precautions on the side because this isn't your ordinary butt plug. In fact, you may not have seen anything like this before. The plug is made from medical grade stainless steel that's rust-free, lead-free, and free from other chemicals and elements that should not be introduced in the body.

The style of the plug features a tapered tip for easier insertion, along with a few curves on its body for a thrilling ride. The plug is smooth to the touch and sight, making sure that there aren't any rough edges or nicks that shouldn't be there.

The most jolting part about Shocking Beaded Bullet Metal Butt Plug 4.53 Inches Long is the additional feature. Since it's made of 100% stainless steel, it's an excellent conductive material.

There's a cord that connects directly to the butt plug from a power supply (sold separately). You can still use this on its own as a regular butt plug, but if you want to add some invigorating stuns in your anus, plug this on to your power supply and turn the dial up to give your butt a thrilling time!
Make sure to avoid the cord when it's time to clean up this plug.

All those extra preventive and care measures shouldn't mean anything to you if you're excited about what you're up against! So grab one now!

Color Silver
Type Electro Shock Butt Plug
Material Stainless Steel

Length handle: N/A

plug: 4.53 inches full length

Width handle: N/A

plug: 1.02 inch widest