Rectal Stimulator Metal Butt Plug


Sometimes, the usual sexual routines can't enhance your libido and meet your partner's satisfaction. If that is the case, why not get this Rectal Stimulator Metal Butt Plug?

It is the perfect tool to fill up the area where the sun doesn't shine!
Our Rectal Stimulator Metal Butt Plug comes in three anal toys with different sizes.

These plugs allow you to test your limits and experience a one-of-a-kind anal play. Use the smallest plug and stick it into your ass, then enjoy its fullness inside your bum. Then, use the bigger ones once you get the hang of the smaller versions.

Despite having different measurements, they all look the same. All butt plugs have sleek and seamless teardrop-shaped heads. This narrow end passes through your sphincter, leading to better orgasms.

But what sets it apart from other butt plugs is the loop. Like the base of other anal plugs, the ring prevents the toy from getting inserted fully into your ass. It also adds spice to your anal sex routines. Twist it around and feel its weight as you turn it for more intense sexual pleasure.

This device is made of stainless steel. This material is ideal for temperature play as it is adaptable to heat or cold. Moreover, the plugs are non-porous and phthalate-free, making it compatible with any type of lubricant. The best part? It is easy to clean! Just dip the plug into warm water and mild soap, and you're ready to use it again.

All this and more are what you can get from our Rectal Stimulator Metal Butt Plug. Get this set now by clicking the "Add to Cart" button and be ready to get wet and wild with your lover!

Color Silver
Type Prostate Massager

Handle: Stainless Steel

Plug: Stainless Steel


Length handle: N/A

plug: N/A

Width handle: N/A

plug: N/A