Purple Rose Metal Butt Plug and Vibrator 3.15 to 3.94 Inches Long

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Feast your eyes on our Purple Rose Metal Butt Plug and Vibrator 3.15 to 3.94 Inches Long, which comes in three varying sizes of small, medium, and large. The small size measures in at 3.15 inches in length and 1.10 inches in width.

The medium size measures in at 3.54 inches in length and 1.33 inches in width. As for the large size, it measures in at 3.94 inches in length and 1.61 inches in width. Depending on your level of anal sex experience, there will surely be a butt plug suitable for you.

Our butt plugs have a teardrop-shaped head, a slim neck, and a flared bottom with a purple rose attached to it. This shape makes it easy for you to insert in your ass, and the flared base is guaranteed to keep the plug outside your butt.

A mini-vibrator is also available for you to order in this package. The mini-vibrator measures in at 3.74 inches in length and 0.71 inches in width.
It is the perfect complement to your butt plug because you can use this in your foreplay sessions. Run our vibrator across every inch of your skin and feel its soft and smooth surface tickling your breasts, nipples, vagina, and clitoris into oblivion.

Another purpose of our mini-vibrator is to use it as a vaginal plug. Feel the ten different vibration frequency speeds awakening every nerve ending of your body. It is powered by one AAA battery that can last for two hours per use.

You can also use this while taking a shower or swimming in the jacuzzi with its full 100% waterproof exterior; there is no need to worry that water will seep inside it.

Look forward to more fruitful orgasms by purchasing our Purple Rose Metal Butt Plug and Vibrator 3.15 to 3.94 Inches Long today!


Plug: Silver Rose

Vibrator: Purple

Type Jeweled Plugs
Material Vibrator: NA
Plug: stainless steel

Length handle: no dimensions available

plug: 3.15 inches (Small) 3.54 inches (Medium) 3.94 inches (Large) Vibrator: 3.74 inches

Width handle: no dimensions available

plug: 1.10 inches (Small) 1.33 inches (Medium) 1.61 inches (Large) Vibrator: 0.71 inches